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Brittney Sanger is a freelance E-commerce writer at Herb. Her ultimate passion is cannabis products, from bongs to weed lube. Over her two and a half years of being a writer at Herb, she has also worked on branded content, along with news, culture, and strains.

Of course, the number one way to avoid getting busted smoking weed in public is to just smoke at home.


Annoying things can ruin a perfectly good smoke session. You may lose your bud. Or, you might even set your hair on fire.


While each of us responds our own way, here are ten feelings you’ve probably experienced when you’ve been judged by non-smokers.


The Tumbleweed Express Drive-Thru has become the nation’s first drive-thru pot shop to allow its customers to purchase their bud right from their car.


Do you love pot so much that you would move just so that you could be around it? From California to Uruguay, here are ten places you should live if you love weed.


Two NYPD officers posed on Twitter after busting a local dealer, who was carrying little bags of ganja, a few machetes, and a can of Monster Energy drink.

NYPD officers

Out of all the music in the world, which genre references weed the most? If you’re thinking rap, you certainly aren’t alone, and you’re not right,


Along with kale and chives, stood some healthy, illegally grown pot plants at Vancouver City Hall’s community garden.

From weed-themed eye shadows to hemp-infused lipsticks, beauty brands are embracing the trend of fun and unique cannabis cosmetics.

cannabis cosmetics

It turns out that Nick and Nate Diaz spent 420 at the High Times Cannabis Cup festival. And luckily, Nick recorded the festivities on his Snapchat.


Germany is giving the official green light for medical cannabis. Doctors will be able to prescribe it, and businesses may get the chance to grow it.


While attempting to bring home a THC-based medicine from Spain to Cork, Irish customs jumped in and attacked Vera Twomey.

Vera Twomey

While Conan O’Brien may not be the biggest pothead around, he doesn’t mind hanging out with them and sharing a toke here and there.

Conan O'Brien

From wasting hours on YouTube to engaging in deep conversation, here are 26 things that probably happened when you get too stoned.


The Selmeskis decided to move all the way across the country to Colorado with hopes that cannabis would give Maggie a second shot at life.


Anne Hathaway is probably the last person on the planet that you would expect to smoke pot. As it turns out, she is a huge stoner.

Anne Hathaway

A little weed can go a long way, especially when it comes to sex. But some sources say that alcohol can also turn up the heat. So which is better?


Hemp seed oil and CBD are all the rage these days, and people cannot get enough. For this reason, beauty brands are welcoming pot with open arms.


Believe it or not, there was once a time when Snoop was a stranger to blunts. Who introduced him to his first blunt, you ask? As it turns out, it was Tupac.

From Australia to London, Canada to Amsterdam, America to Scotland, here’s how the world will be celebrating cannabis this 420.


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