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Brittney Sanger is a freelance E-commerce writer at Herb. Her ultimate passion is cannabis products, from bongs to weed lube. Over her two and a half years of being a writer at Herb, she has also worked on branded content, along with news, culture, and strains.

As much as we wish this was real, this video is completely fake. Just some pretty fancy editing. We just want to live in a world where this could happen.

From trying to hide your high from your parents to a pure love for pizza, you just cannot understand these 11 moments unless you smoke weed.

smoke weed

From twaxing the tip of a joint to sprinkling some kief in your bowl, here are five ways to add concentrates to your bowl or joint.


From discussing aliens to starring at an arcade game for hours, here are 21 hilarious first time I got high stories from our readers here at HERB.

first time

Times are changing, and there are new surprising ways to get high. People are increasingly wanting products that don’t require smoking the herb at all.


Shatter is a concentrated form of weed with a super-high potency, often hitting 80 percent cannabinoid content. Here’s how you smoke shatter.

smoke shatter

After receiving a tip from the public, police discovered a massive cannabis farm. Probably the biggest residential grow you’ve ever seen.

residential grow

Something you don’t hear of often is a weed dealer handing over his goods. Was honesty really the best policy for this guy?


You may think smoking a blunt is as simple as lighting it, but that’s just not true. For your viewing pleasure, here are 7 ways to smoke with blunt wraps.

blunt wraps

Energy drinks are great and all. The next time you need energy, the Cannabis Energy Drink will give you a good dose of healthy hemp.

Cannabis Energy Drink

An Australian mother went as far as planning her own suicide due to her intolerable pain. However, thanks to cannabis oil, she can live her life again.

Cannabis Oil

It’s easy to assume that filling your face with smoke will get you incredibly high. However, it turns out the gas mask bong may do more harmful than good.

gas mask bong

Recently, a three-year-old boy with severe epilepsy was banned from his preschool for using cannabis oil to treat his condition.

cannabis oil

Cannabis can without a doubt give you a case of the munchies. But have you ever wondered why that is? Check out this video for the facts.


Are you looking for a new way to get high? Or, just want to see what possibilities are out there? How many of these ways have you tried?

Grabbing a snack before the Grammys isn’t a bad idea. But for Elle King, perhaps pot muffins wasn’t the most excellent choice, or maybe it was.

Elle King

If you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to discovering cannabis farms, don’t be so sure just yet. Now, even them parks are a secret place to grow pot.


During the video by GQ, 2 Chainz and Dr. Dina smoke a joint covered in gold. That’s right, legit 24K gold, which happens to be edible. Watch here now!

expensive joint

Check out this compilation video of both everyday Joe’s and even celebrities participating in game shows in which they must answer questions about pot.

Game Shows

Watch this video to hear an epic story about the time Willie out smoked Snoop and then whipped his ass at dominoes.


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