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Brittney Sanger is a freelance E-commerce writer at Herb. Her ultimate passion is cannabis products, from bongs to weed lube. Over her two and a half years of being a writer at Herb, she has also worked on branded content, along with news, culture, and strains.

From great sex to endless laughter, the facts are in and men who smoke weed make better boyfriends.

Man Blowing Smoke While Smoking

Nobody judges a parent for sipping a glass of wine, yet there is a persisting stigma around parents who smoke weed. This is why weed smokers make better parents.

Weed Smokers Make Better Parents

The Chewy Chube and the Chewy 2 are grinders specifically engineered for maximum practicality. Prepare to have your life changed for the better.

Chewy Grinder

If you long for a device that goes above and beyond to please the consumer, then look no further than the Solo 2.

nside The Betamorph E-Cigs Vape Shop

Careful what you smoke. Cannabis growers caught using feces as fertilizer are now giving a whole other meaning to the term “dank weed”.

Cannabis Growers Human Feces Fertilizer

Naturally, the weed community wants to know one thing about the blotting papers from Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line: Can you roll a joint with them, or nah? 

fenty beauty

Sadly, it’s true. Hugh Hefner, the Man, the Myth, the Legend, has passed away.

Hugh Hefner

Lady Gaga smoked a whole lot of weed in front of Beyoncé. True story. And no, Queen Bey was not too pleased. In fact, you could say she panicked. 

lady gaga

As it turns out, Kirsten Dunst accidentally scored real bud in the form of a joint while shooting a scene for drama film “Woodshock.”

Kirsten Dunst

If there’s anyone who needs a break, it’s mothers. Ganjapreneur Erin Gore, CEO of Garden Society, has built a career revolving around women and moms.

Erin Gore

Pro-weed businesses in Michigan want patients to joint together and share their experiences and #BeBrave with medical cannabis.


Ever since starting RSHO (Real Scientific Hemp Oil) hemp oil, Lillyann Baker has miraculously been seizure free for nearly two years.

Lillyann Baker

Getting paid to smoke pot and look good sounds like a pipe dream. But believe it or not, it’s legit. Just ask the 420 Nurses.

420 Nurses

We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for these people – and so many more. To give credit where credit is due, here’s Herb’s Hollyweed impact list. 


There are trends for everything these days, including weed. The latest? Rolling rose petal blunts. Yes, this is a thing now.

rose petal blunts

As it turns out, there’s only one rapper that can smoke weed in Demi Lovato’s house. Watch this video to find out who.

Demi Lovato

Primetime channels including CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC are airing a commercial for the cannabis law firm The Hoban Law Group for the entire world to see.


Also known as “The Good Girl’s Cannabis Club,” Sanfransico-based Society Jane is a women’s collective that puts together pot-friendly parties.

Society Jane

Toronto cops recently raided a dispensary that’s been providing a free opioid substitute program to people with addictions.

Are you new to the weed scene? If so, then you couldn’t have picked a better place. These 10 products will help you on your way.

Smoking Weed

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