Brittney Sanger

Brittney Sanger is a freelance E-commerce writer at Herb. Her ultimate passion is cannabis products, from bongs to weed lube. Over her two and a half years of being a writer at Herb, she has also worked on branded content, along with news, culture, and strains.

In just one year, more than 26,000 new jobs have been added to the American workforce. Here’s a closer look at all the states and their estimates. 

From Timothy who has only smoked the herb once to Janet who pays $90 for an eighth, these dogs will remind you of a stoner you know.


Fall is here, so it’s time to stock up on the hoodies! Not just any type of hoodie, though. You need something pot-friendly, of course.


Lady Gaga’s new documentary is coming to Netflix this month. In case you haven’t caught the wild trailer for Gaga: Five Foot Two yet, we’ve got ya covered.

Lady Gaga

From a machine to make edibles to a device that makes DIY weed concentrates a breeze, here are 7 products for pot smokers that live in illegal states.


If you’re considering sparking up before a run, yoga, or hitting the gym, here are 6 things you should know about smoking weed and exercise.


From limiting your consumption to storing your ganja correctly, here are six ways to smoke weed every day and stay productive at the same time.


If you’re looking to give your skin a boost with the healing [properties of CBD, the Healing Rose Company can help take it to new highs.

Healing Rose Company

From 18K Gold Vermeil necklaces that carry your stash to leaf earrings, these are the 10 gorgeous pieces of designer cannabis jewelry you ever did see.

Cannabis Jewelry

To honor the ones who spit rhymes and smoke a ton of ganja, here are 10 rappers who love weed and their own lines of weed products.


Sophie Martin has a condition that is incurable and has led her to intensive care close to 100 times. But cannabis oil has made a world of difference.

Sophie Martin

If ripping a milky bong just so happens to be your weapon of choice, then here are 8 weed products for people who really love bongs.

love bongs

For those who are all about the little things in life, here are eight tiny pot products that are so random, yet so adorable.

Tiny Pot Products

Things are about to get sticky thanks to a lawsuit between Gorilla Glue Company and GG Strains for trademark infringement.

Gorilla Glue

One Colorado company has come up with the ultimate aphrodisiac. High Love is the edible that holds the key ingredients to a better sex life.

High Love

Are you too high to drive, but really, really want Taco Bell? Good news – Taco Bell and Lyft are joining forces to bring you late-night munchies.

Taco Bell

In legal states like California and Colorado, love birds are ditching the alcohol for bud by setting up bud bars at their weed weddings.

weed weddings

Whether you’re planning a bachelorette party, a birthday bash, or just a cozy night in at the house, here are 7 pot products for the perfect girls night.

girls night

It turns out that UFC fighters aren’t fans of the Doggfather’s unfiltered comments on Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series.

Half Lit Lollipops stand out from the rest of the edibles out there. They get you high, and they grow weed. What’s not to love?

Half Lit Lollipops

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