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Charlie Tetiyevsky is a poet and non-fiction writer working out of Los Angeles. They can be found on Twitter at @charlie_gfy and Instagram at @charliegfy.

Liroy-Marzec, a hardcore polish rapper turned right-wing politician has successfully campaigned for the legalization of medical marijuana in Poland.

Liroy-Marzec advocates medical marijuana

Many growers favor strains with high THC content because the intense high attracts recreational customers. But stronger strains come with consequences.

What Rising THC Levels Mean for the Brain

When prescription medications to treat her daughter’s epilepsy started to cause her to lose her sight, Margarete de Santos Brito took on the government.

CDKL5 Margarete de Santos Brito Brazilian medicinal marijuana epilepsy seizures

In the middle of nowhere flanked by the quaint outback sits a town shrouded in weed smoke. When you’re in Nimbin, it’s easy to forget that weed is illegal.

Nimbin Bill outside the Drugs Summit at Parliament House with the giant joint on

While the National Cancer Institute admits that preliminary studies have shown both THC and CBD to have tumor-stopping power, the FDA doesn’t agree.

FDA Warns Medical Marijuana Companies About Cancer Claims

Anxiety is the most common illness in the United States, affecting 40 million people annually. That’s why Not Pot created these CBD-only chocolates.

Not Pot CBD chocolate for anxiety

Perhaps this historic shift in Republican opinion signals that it’s finally time to band together to reclassify and legalize cannabis.

For The First Time Ever, The Majority of Republicans Support Weed Legalization

600,000 women suffer from postpartum depression. CBD oil could be the answer.

Depressed mother holding new baby at arms length

Callie Blackwell from Watton, England was forced to choose between her son’s health and the law.

UK Mother Risks 14 Years in Prison to Bring her Dying Son Weed

It’s a fact that black communities have been disproportionately affected by the war on drugs. Now Kind Culture is cutting reparations out of its profits.

frican American Rioter Being Forcefully Arrest

Ganja Goddess Getaway wants you to do one thing: smoke your way to Sisterhood.

Smoking weed and doing yoga at The Inclusive Women's Weed Camp

We conducted interviews to gain insight into what it’s like to smoke cannabis, eat mushrooms or drop acid when you’re completely or partially blind.

Blind British teenage posing proudly with cane

Professor Brandon Canfield stresses that “a stereotypical stoner need not apply.”

Michigan . University Marijuana Studies Degree

Michael Phelps did it. Ricky Williams did it. So did Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Allen Iverson. Maybe it’s time that the couch-locked stoner stereotype finally died.

Can Marijuana be a Performance-Enhancing Drug

Wine growers are getting their backs up about marijuana growers moving in on their turf.

Cases demonstrating how the American justice system unfairly targets people of color—namely Black people—keep growing.


If California keeps burning, you might want to prepare for a weed shortage.

California Wildfire marijuana crops threatened

Hood Incubator wants to make sure America’s history of racial exclusion doesn’t repeat itself.

3 Black Women are Running a School to Help Drug Dealers Turn Into Weed Entrepreneurs war on drugs marijuana cannabis incarceration arrest Nixon

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