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Christopher Teague has been writing for the HERB and the cannabis community for years. He is also Founder / President / Creative Director for The Official Cannabis Book of World Records. Unity through Compassion!

Check out this video of 2 Chainz showing us how the upscale herbal aficionado can spend a pretty penny.

Wanting to do more, one company is “blazing a trail” by offering a line of products to support several causes all at once.

blazin bottles

Educators confess to using cannabis to help them deal with our unruly children and the frustrations of teaching.

Bernie Sanders is the only candidate for president to support the legalization of cannabis, and on his trip to Puerto Rico, he was pretty “blunt” about it.

Want to blaze in major fashion, but you aren’t a spliffigami expert? The Windmill joint lets you pull hits off four joints at the same time in just minutes!

Windmill Joint

Colorado patients have met with another success with a measure unanimously supporting the rights of children and their parents.

Parents will go to any length to save their children, even face jail time.

How can those dying of cancer be denied a medicine that could not only ease their suffering but potentially save their lives?

If you have a chance to visit the nation of Morocco, on the far north coast of Africa, then you are in for a treat.

Congress has been swatting away progress on cannabis like flies, shooting down not one but three measures.

Cannabis laws are changing across the United States, but for some, like Colorado police officers, the changes are coming far too fast.

Cannabis is maturing and becoming the favored new stress reliever of everyone from soccer moms and seniors to businessmen and women of all walks of life.

Why you would want to make a pipe out of an avocado, I’m not sure, but knowledge is power, and it’s best to be prepared for any occasion.

avocado pipe

Portland is cracking down on public consumption and sales at the events.

The sport may be football, but for one player, it’s three strikes and you’re out. Georgia Bulldogs player Chauncey Rivers is officially off the team.

Even today, in the UK, thousands of people search for a new life only to end up in the hands of slavers who force them into prostitution, factory labor, and even maintaining illicit marijuana grow operations.

Where does the road lead for the burgeoning industry already employing thousands and raking in billions? All indications point to one direction: Up.

This month, senior citizens in Victoria pushed the council to adopt a bylaw allowing medical marijuana dispensaries to sell cannabis-infused edibles.

Growing a successful cannabis business is more than just getting people through the door.

Saying this bust was a tough nut to crack would be an overstatement.

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