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Christopher Teague has been writing for the HERB and the cannabis community for years. He is also Founder / President / Creative Director for The Official Cannabis Book of World Records. Unity through Compassion!

In a narrow victory, the City Council of Orlando has voted in favor of decriminalizing possession and dishing out fines instead.

The Ohio House of Representatives has passed a bill to legalize medical marijuana, moving it one step closer to joining the other 24 legal states.

Heading to Australia for some sun, surf, and smoke? Then be ready, because they have some of the best herb around.

There’s nothing like a good Indica for relaxation, and allowing you to ease into a good night’s rest.

Cannabis business entrepreneurs exhibit the characteristics we wish more of our society had. It is high time to embrace them, or even become one.

This super stealth tire gauge pipe is perfect for on the go, and easy to modify from a standard tire gauge you can buy for only a couple dollars.

tire gauge pipe

Together, CLEAR and GroGlo are bringing the hope of ready access to medicinal cannabis for the UK closer to reality.

Utah advocates are not giving up on medical marijuana, preparing to get the laws changed one way, or another.

Clinical trials of Epidiolex, a plant-derived medical marijuana extract, for use with children as severe epilepsy drugs have yielded positive results.

Epilepsy Drug

Jakayla Johnson had nothing on her, and tested negative to a drug test, yet was suspended on possession charges.

Jakayla Johnson

High design, when creating modern marijuana brands, translates to one thing: Simplicity.

High Design

New laws and potential recreational legalization could see the California green rush explode as an industrial giant.

A shocking example of social prejudices, even in states where medical marijuana is legal.

Looking to maximize your business exposure with social media? Facebook can be a double-edged sword, even for news and information.

Alabama has passed a new law allowing patients immunity for bringing in CBD oil to treat their conditions.

The victory is a stepping stone towards full plant medical use in the state.

Oklahoma cannabis oil

With new marijuana branding still in its infancy, if you want to stand out in a sea of cannabis businesses, focus on what makes you… You.

marijuana branding

Vermont’s dreams of being the first state to pass recreational use through legislation have been delayed.

One of the biggest detractors from legalization is the public sentiment that it will lead to easier teen access to cannabis.

teen access

Alaska will be first to allow consumption in planned pot shops, because what good is a cannabis tourism industry if visitors can’t find a place to smoke?

Pot Shops

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