Christopher Teague

Christopher Teague has been writing for the HERB and the cannabis community for years. He is also Founder / President / Creative Director for The Official Cannabis Book of World Records. Unity through Compassion!

Coltyn Turner, a Boy Scout who was once active and ambitious, was confined to a wheelchair. “I’d rather be illegally alive than legally dead,” he decided.

The Attorney General is batting away legalized cannabis left and right. How long can she fight the tide of the will of the people?

Sean Majors has dedicated his life to helping other veterans… and is the first United States Marine to be given permission to work with cannabis, with the military even paying for his education.

The DEA and DOD spent more than $86 million to purchase and modify a DEA aircraft, 7 years after the aircraft was purchased for the program it’s still never flown.

On rare occasion, those meant to enforce unjust laws realize how wrong the laws are, and refuse to obey. This is what it means to protect and serve the people.

It is apparent that the majority of marijuana opposition comes from the oldest members of government; those who hit their prime in a bygone era filled with Red-Scare tactics.

With CBD pharmaceutical drugs entering the FDA approval process, it puts CBD products into the realm of Food and Drug Administration regulation. Does this take power away from the Department of Justice?

Asthma is one of those hard to see conditions affecting millions of people’s quality of life, so can medical marijuana help?

If passed, it would join the ranks of almost half the nation in saying yes to legal cannabis, and no to the irresponsible and devastating prosecution of people for the personal use of a non-toxic plant.

There are no effective treatments or cures in traditional medicine for Tourette’s. There is, however, a non-traditional treatment that works wonders.

The city has plans to tax sales and cultivation of medical marijuana at 15%, and if the state passes recreational pot, they plan to tax that too.

Shona Banda has become a very public marijuana martyr after her son was taken from her by Kansas police and DCFS workers.

One teacher is in some serious trouble with the law after letting students blaze in the classroom!

That’s right, Dropleaf, the company that Julian Marley partnered with to cultivate his cannabis, is being sued by Erin Hackney of Hackney Family Trust. The Hackney Family Trust is an owner of Dropleaf.

“Congress has no power to compel states to prohibit the cultivation, possession and transfer of marijuana,” according to Randy Barnett, an attorney who litigated a Supreme Court case exploring the limits of the CSA.

The market for legal marijuana is booming, with no hints of slowing down.

For those who fight for their country and, in the process, for their lives the trauma inflicted is far deeper than just physical injury.

Cannabis has come a long way from the shadows it was once resigned to, and as a topic the world is taking notice of, it isn’t ever going back

With the battle scars of lessons learned from previous bouts and veteran activists filled with determination, these states look to come back from defeat and score a big win.

Only time will tell if this experiment, both cautious and daring at the same time, will prove a success. Win or lose, Uruguay will do so with the whole world watching closely.

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