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Christopher Teague has been writing for the HERB and the cannabis community for years. He is also Founder / President / Creative Director for The Official Cannabis Book of World Records. Unity through Compassion!

Big Tobacco wants cannabis out of their way. And, as discovered documents reveal, Jeff Sessions has been in their pocket for a long time.

Big Tobacco

Tragically Hip is Canada’s newest homegrown celebrity cannabis partnership. But will it be what long-time fans are hoping for?

Tragically Hip

Finding the right medicine for patients takes patience. But it doesn’t have to be complicated, as long as one takes notes.

Goldleaf Patient Journal

When boys grow from guys to men, they tend to drop the cheap toys for real tools. Introducing the new V4/PLUSH vaporizer.


With so many new vaporizers hitting the market, finding the right one can be challenging. Here are three great dry herb vaporizers for beginners.


Across the country, CBD is everywhere. So what are the differences between legal and illegal, real and fake, when it comes to CBD oil?


We have smart phones, smart cars, and smart homes. Why not smart cannabis consumption? Here are ten reasons vaping is the best.


The term 420 is everywhere. So what about the guys who coined 420? How do they see the evolution of the culture and their impact?

hmbldt, the cannabis-based health and wellness company, is rallying the public to make April 20th the healthiest day of the year with GO420.


The International Church of Cannabis promotes “elevating oneself and each other to create the best versions of themselves by way of the sacred plant.”


Sessions, who’s career is peppered with anti-pot sentiment, spoke last month about cannabis reform, and his surprise at the public’s attitude.


Trump’s new pick for Drug Czar, Richard Baum, is a Big Pharma puppet. What does this mean for cannabis?

Drug Czar

Already sweeping Europe, and set for global release on April 20th, Hempire is the most advanced 420-gaming experience the world has ever seen.


In Texas, the City of Dallas has decided that the time has come to stop ruining lives over a plant.


DCMJ plans to remind the Trump administration that more Americans support POT than the POTUS, with thousands of free joints passed out on Capitol Hill.

capitol hill

Detox drinks are unpredictable. The only test insurance you need is the right swap, on hand, all the time.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

So what will Canadian legalization look like? Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party officially released their plan to legalize recreational use in Canada.


Spice, K2, and dozens of others have killed or hospitalized thousands of people. Now, six more analogs of THC have been added to Schedule I by the DEA.


Pro-pot politicians are pounding the pavement this spring. A bipartisan bill put before Congress last Thursday would drop cannabis down to a Schedule III substance.

Schedule III

Rather than spending hours on Google, or opening enough pages to crash Yahoo, the simplest way to book a 420 friendly vacation is to visit

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