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Christopher Teague has been writing for the HERB and the cannabis community for years. He is also Founder / President / Creative Director for The Official Cannabis Book of World Records. Unity through Compassion!

Tony Greenhand, the world’s best roller, shows us how to make a dank unicorn joint.

unicorn joint

The strict rules and high taxes on the “legal” market there keep hundreds of millions of dollars in the hands of illegal dealers and bootlegging.


Every person has their own unique story of how cannabis heals. Amy Mellen shares her road to recovery with us, and says she owes it all to cannabis.

Amy Mellen

Weed on a beautiful island, who wouldn’t want some? If you are thinking of scoring in Cuba, you might want to think again.


Paul Jackson is an 81-year-old medical cannabis who had the National Guard, State Troopers, DEA agents, and a helicopter swoop down on his operation.

Paul Jackson

19-year-old Devontre Thomas faced federal charges over a gram of weed, in a recreationally legal state. That won’t even make a decent joint.

Devontre Thomas

Chris Christie has it in for cannabis users. Legislators in New Jersey have approved cannabis for PTSD. But it probably won’t happen.

Chris Christie

Are you a veteran with PTSD? This new cannabis study wants you to try weed for relief. We have the details of how you can get involved.

Cannabis Study

The rescheduling signals coming from the Drug Enforcement Administration have remained mixed, at best. Maybe don’t get your hopes up.


People continue to face incarceration and thousands in fines over what amounts to a few crumbly bits of plant matter in their pocket.


Smoking weed for the first time? Welcome to the club! Here is everything you need to get started the right way.

In Ireland, a mother pleads for her daughter’s life. CBD oil could save her, but no one will prescribe it. Why will the government not move forward?


Cotton candy, carnival rides, and now cannabis? This is possibly the coolest State Fair in history.

State Fair

One woman’s ordeal has turned into hope for thousands in the UK, becoming an authorized global distributor of CW Hemp oil with Savage Cabbage.

savage cabbage

Social anxiety presents a real and chronic threat to individual health and wellbeing. Cannabis may you relax and calm your nerves.

Social Anxiety

Contrary to the claims made by alarmists, statistically, you’re more likely to be being poisoned by crayons than by cannabis.

Poisoned By Crayons

John Malkovich grabs the starring role in Sony Pictures TV’s new series, based on the best-selling book Humboldt: Life on America’s Marijuana Frontier.

John Malkovich

Cannabis advocate and vocal critic of the failed global war on drugs, Richard Branson, shared some forward-thinking parenting advice this week.

richard branson

Alabama has long held one of the strictest stances in the US on cannabis. These are just a few of the children helped by medical cannabis oil in the state.


Home delivered weed is now a thing in Florida. Here’s what happened.

Home Delivered Weed

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