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I have a BFA in English, with a concentration in Writing. Journalism has always been my passion. Creating unique and informative articles, with some nonsense and humor dribbled about, is my strong suit.

Luckily, the Nevada Supreme Court just made a groundbreaking decision in his favor.

An ordinary homemade, plastic bottle bong is on display at an Australia museum for a rather interesting reason.

Our favorite plant has a variety of different names, but what do they actually refer to?

Every nature-loving, cannabis enthusiast will agree: Getting high outside is just better.

High taxes for this state’s growers and dispensaries could mean lower costs for patients.

Don’t have a pipe on hand? No worries. Check out this video and learn how you can make a chapstick pipe in just minutes.

chapstick pipe

This mother was persecuted as an unfit parent after treating her epileptic daughter with life-saving CBD oil.

Denver Police are cracking down on the local cannabis black market in some pretty extreme ways.

These cannabis chefs are creating five-star infused meals, using the finest ingredients and herbs to deliver patrons a new, elevated fine-dinning experience.

Synthetic marijuana can be strong and cause aggression without warning, creating a constant threat to the safety of everyone in the facility.

Two neighboring states are hoping to reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

Charas has been enjoyed for thousands of years in countries around the world. With a little perpetration, you can make this concentrate at home.


New Zealand’s Grey Power want their cannabis, and they don’t want to be forced into a black market to get it!

grey power

After High Times circulated a petition demanding pot prisoners be freed, social media users showed their support in the best way they know how.

Pot Prisoners

The results are from years of collecting information to figure out how cannabis alters emotional responses.

There’s a high chance you may have indulged heavily in cannabis yesterday. We’re here to help if you are suffering the symptoms of a herb hangover.

If your 4/20 plans are leading to adventuring in the great outdoors, be sure all of these items are ready and accounted for, to ensure the best holiday possible.

Big changes are in store for many Pennsylvania businesses, as they prepare to usher in new regulations surrounding legalized medical marijuana.

Bernie Sanders wants to remove marijuana from the list of dangerous substances outlawed by the federal government.

After months of back and forth between government offices, residents rejoice following the state’s House of Representatives final vote.

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