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I have a BFA in English, with a concentration in Writing. Journalism has always been my passion. Creating unique and informative articles, with some nonsense and humor dribbled about, is my strong suit.

After 18 months of fighting felony drug charges, these legal, card-carrying medical marijuana parents are finally reunited with their son.

Smoke Cartel, an online headshop, is working to change the stereotypical stoner image. Judgment-free, educational and affordable, Smoke Cartel is adapting the once-seedy headshop market into a cannabis enthusiasts paradise.

Hundreds of cannabis supporters gather for a rally on Saturday in front of the White House to hold a “smoke-out”.

A special, upcoming U.N. meeting has major marijuana advocacy groups demanding global reform on drug laws.

New revisions to Senate Bill 3, and conflicts between the House of Representatives and Senate, might kill the bill that was meant to legalize medical marijuana in Pennsylvania.

Beginning April 1, provisional licensing will allow for Oregon’s marijuana extract businesses to stay open and producing of dabs, oils, edibles and tinctures.

It’s no secret: Americans want marijuana legalized, both medically and recreationally.

1Hour Break is an all-natural, holistic approach to reducing anxiety.

1hour break

Pennsylvania could be just days away from becoming the 24th state to legalize medical marijuana.

Offering medical marijuana patients a unique, clean, high-quality buzz, Tweed 10:1 Cannabis Oil is finally available throughout Canada.

Police departments are using a government program to get military surplus items, including armored vehicles, hoping to use them to end marijuana cultivation and distribution.

A preemptive measure taken this week bans drive-thru and walk-up marijuana dispensaries.

After decades of war against cannabis, it seems D.A.R.E. might finally be coming to their senses, as they remove weed from their “gateway” drug list.

With the Nervana Generator and Headphones, users favorite tunes are transformed into therapeutic melodies, aiding in relaxation and meditation, offering listeners a unique, natural high.

A new study shows a heightened risk of cannabis-induced psychosis in users with the AKT1 genotype.

In Washington, it is legal to ingest marijuana for medical or recreational purposes, but it remains illegal for adults twenty-one years old and over to grow their own ganja.

As the number of people suffering from Celiac Disease rises, many are turning to medical marijuana as a means of relief from pain and digestive issues.

In California, all it takes is a recommendation and signature from a local doctor to gain access to the world of legal weed; a task that can now be completed in thirty minutes or less.

Posting, tweeting or instagraming photos showing weed use might not be the smartest idea; while it might be socially acceptable, it remains federally illegal and can lead to some serious consequences.

Skip the roses, chocolate covered strawberries and diamonds, and give them what they really want; weed!

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