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To Dr. Dina, Mickey Martin was more than just a pioneer of the cannabis industry, he was a close friend who will be forever missed.

After defying the odds and becoming the first person to receive a cannabis prescription in the UK, Billy Caldwell is being honored.

Billy's Bud

From smoking a joint to using a CBD oil to replace harsher prescription drugs, the new-age daily cannabis consumer isn’t just chasing a high.


As the cannabis movement continues to spread across the nation, police are cutting back on the amount warrantless searches conducted.

Police Searches

Many of us have experienced a bit of cannabis-induced paranoia at one point or another, but the reasons why might surprise you.


As recreational use becomes more mainstream, moms are stepping out from the shadows. At the end of the day, moms just want to enjoy a little peace.


Dry buds and sticky buds both hold their value in their respected area. Before purchasing, it’s important to decide what the cannabis will be used for.


One logical way to help teenagers understand the pros and cons of using cannabis would be to open a safe-space discussion.


New roadside cannabis breathalyzers are being prepped to enter the final stages of testing, and they have some serious financial backing.

Cannabis Breathalyzers

In many European nations, it is common practice to smoke cannabis and tobacco together, introducing to a whole host of health problems.


420 Rally organizers are appealing, with hopes of regaining their good-standing status with the City of Denver and its Parks and Recreation department.


In the wake of California passing recreational cannabis into law just last November, new hiccups in the market are starting to present themselves.


After being diagnosed with three forms of epilepsy, Jai Whitelaw and his family turned to medical cannabis for his 500 daily seizures.

Jai Whitelaw

Cannabis, like wine, needs clean soil and air to grow the lush, beautiful, buds that every connoisseur has come to know and love.


After drinking at a local pub, this ex-teacher did the unthinkable and nonchalantly handed over cannabis-infused cookies to four young children.


After suffering from the deteriorating effects of Alzheimer’s disease for years, one woman from Maine is finally getting some relief.


After building his professional life around the promotion of a dangerous painkiller, the man behind OxyContin is venturing into the medical cannabis world.


Despite the propaganda, the Federal Department of Health says there is no correlation between legalized cannabis and increased teen usage.


It’s been an ongoing thought that legal recreational markets would increase cannabis use among teens, but a new study is proving that’s just not true.


If you’re a California resident who has been banking on recreational cannabis, you might want to rethink recreational and get a medical cannabis card.

Dr Davidson

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