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NuggMD is making it easier, and more affordable, than ever for California residents to obtain their medical marijuana card.


While the Governor fully supports the legalization of medical cannabis, he’s not convinced about recreational legalization.


We’ve all been there and done something hugely embarrassing while high, but these seven stories from across the internet take the cake.


The first-ever High Times Cannabis Cup Las Vegas is set to kick off this weekend, hopefully, without any interference from the federal government.

Prescription meds gave Mia no relief from her constant seizures, that happened every 5 minutes. When her mother turned to cannabis oil, everything changed.

cannabis oil

Before getting his start on a popular teen show, Drake took a few hits to help ease his mind and prepare for his life of stardom.


Social media networks have been censoring content and limiting the amount of cannabis related imagery and information. Not anymore, with 420LifeTV.


One family would stop at nothing to help their sick baby girl, including illegally obtaining cannabis oil to help calm her seizures brought on by epilepsy.


Less than one year ago, Bryce Gaudry was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and credits cannabis oil for bettering his quality of life.

Bryce Gaudry

BuddaBox customers can sign up for just one month and still receive all the special goodies. It’s the perfect cannabis subscription for commitment-phobes.

Governor Andrew Cuomo, a democratic governor from Albany, New York is pushing for the decriminalization of cannabis possession.

Andrew Cuomo

We’re amped to bring you news of our collaboration with the National Joint League, a creative rolling group that produces epic, and smokable, cannabis art.

National Joint League

Doobious Sources elevates the typical stoner persona to a level that meets the new-age standards with above average characters and an intelligent storyline.

doobious sources

While filming an interview with the local news, Branden Petro alerted his mother that he was about to undergo a seizure, so she reached for his inhaler.

Branden Petro

Cannabis continues to prove it’s miraculous healing powers time after time, this time helping free Bruno Delgadillo from his epilepsy.

Bruno Delgadillo

Thanks to new government regulations, the world’s oldest cannabis coffee shop, Mellow Yellow, has been forced to close its doors.

Mellow Yellow

Thanks to Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla’s diligent work, Puerto Rico has officially opened the doors to their first medical cannabis dispensaries.

Puerto Rico

Sufferers of chronic pain in the United States know these are just ten of the benefits of Elixinol Hemp CBD Oil Drops.

chronic pain

Bloom Farms is working to give back to their Californian community by donating healthy meals to those in need all year long.

Bloom Farms

Support of cannabis legalization is on the rise in Australia, thanks in large part to the results they see coming from the United States.


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