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I have a BFA in English, with a concentration in Writing. Journalism has always been my passion. Creating unique and informative articles, with some nonsense and humor dribbled about, is my strong suit.

This absurd ruling is clearly an attempt to protect pharmaceutical companies, but that’s not the only reason this new law is complete and utter BS.


A special donation has been made to TJU that will help the school become the first medical cannabis research center in the United States.


There are easier ways to get to sleep than relying on one prescription sleep aid or another. 1Hour Break can help cure your insomnia.

Sleep Aid

Buddabox has teamed up with seedleSs and created the ultimate Star Wars fan must-have, the “Roll One” subscription box, with both 420 and 710 options.

"Roll One"

Cannabis Culture wants to give special Christmas presents to those Montreal patrons willing to show their support for cannabis legalization.


According to this couple, Santa was very, very good to them. But the pair stands to face some pretty serious charges, despite their creative explanations.

Until cannabis is rescheduled and scientific studies are conducted, it’s likely women will not have answers when it comes to pregnancy and cannabis use.


Montreal’s mayor is trying to stop dispensaries from operating in his community. But nothing will stop these dispensary owners.


CBD oil is helping to save this young boy from Northern Ireland. Through the help of his home community, he’ll likely be cured of his epileptic seizures.

epileptic seizures

While the majority are pleased about Mexico passing a medical cannabis bill, some fear the repercussions from dangerous cartels.


New reports are proving that the legal cannabis market is having a surprise effect on consumption levels amongst teenagers.


For those who have been looking for a smoker-friendly monthly subscription box, the Puff Pack offers everything an avid cannabis enthusiast could want.

Puff Pack

After traveling to America a year ago, this young boy is finally headed home with a medical prescription since Ireland legalized medical cannabis.

You might be required to take a drug test for a variety of different reasons. Understand what can alter drug test results before you’re called to take one.

drug test

Thanks to goodwill, it’s likely this fund will be able to help people early next year, without having to risk quality or ethics to do so.


At just three-years-old, Sadie has defied all expectations and begun showing miraculous progress thanks to the medicinal power of CBD oil.


Hydrosys is the online hydroponics marketplace that understands all the important details of setting up a cannabis grow for a bountiful production.


Until recently, judges and prosecutors refused to consider a reduced sentence for Bernard Noble because of the state’s strict habitual offender laws.

Bernard Noble

SOURCEvapes is at the forefront of the dabbing revolution, and their line of vape pens and products will make this holidaze extra special.


These new weed-infused coffee pods will elevate mornings and leave spirits high for hours to come, and they are environmentally responsible.


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