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I have a BFA in English, with a concentration in Writing. Journalism has always been my passion. Creating unique and informative articles, with some nonsense and humor dribbled about, is my strong suit.

The Haze Dual V3 dual-chamber vaporizer is making it easier and faster to catch a buzz while on the go, and changing the way we vape.

Haze Dual V3

LIWTS works to keep cannabis consumers informed and urges them to push for changes within the European community, with the hopes of bringing about change.


After being searched, arrested and $11,000 seized, this young man is being vindicated after nearly five years of waiting.


While President Obama might be leaving the White House soon, hopefully, some of his ideas will stick around, like regulating cannabis.

Obama will make your dreams come true, and all you have to do is follow a few simple rules to enter for your chance to win a pound of weed.


These super-potent strains are guaranteed to leave smokers with a hefty helping of the munchies, and are sure to enhance your holiday.

Danksgiving meal

The Jamaican government wants the new cannabis research and cultivation permits being granted by the island country to benefit the entire world.

Cannabis Research

After discovering areas of abuse, the Canadian government might be closer to finding a solution to the rising costs of medical cannabis supplied to vets.


Jared Mirsky has worked in the cannabis industry for over eight years and perfected the packaging and branding of any cannabis product thrown his way.

Even the state with the most lenient cannabis laws sees its fair share of issues. Governor John Hickenlooper is demanding Colorado’s are fixed.

gray market

Thanks to the passing of Proposition 300, Denver is the first US city to allow the use of cannabis in facilities like restaurants, bars, and gyms.

Denver Dispensaries

Cannabis is helping to expand the value of Scotts Miracle-Gro stock, thanks to the CEO’s intuition and business savvy mindset.

Scotts Miracle-Gro Stock

Thanks to the passing of medical cannabis policies in the recent election, Texas might get the change in their laws so many patients have been waiting for.


1Hour Break is a new all-natural spray is helping those suffering from Fibromyalgia in states where medical cannabis remains illegal.


The upcoming election is just days away and many states are preparing to vote on the important issue of legalizing cannabis


After state legislatures foul move of removing of Issue 7, issue 6 has been widely supported by the Arkansans United for Medical Marijuana.

Issue 6

Despite the illegal nature of cannabis in her country, this woman says thanks to Prince Charles she will continue to grow her medication.

Prince Charles

British Sugar will make the perfect home for a specific strain of cannabis that GW Pharma will use to make medication to treat a rare form of Epilepsy.

British Sugar

The Texas Department of Safety could end the state’s medical cannabis program before it even starts with sky high license fees.

License Fees

An Idaho mother has lost custody of both of her children after administering a smoothie that contained cannabis butter to help her seizure-ridden daughter.

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