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Pennsylvania is preparing new regulations for the opening of medical cannabis dispensaries, many are the same restrictions as state-run liquor stores.


Despite the FDA noting the positive attributes cannabis has to offer, the DEA decided not to remove cannabis from the list of Schedule 1 drugs.


As California begins to cultivate some of the most potent strains ever seen, Mexican residents are smuggling in high-quality cannabis from America.


Innovative Industrial Properties Inc., a cannabis real estate company, could become a commanding force on the New York Stock Exchange.

Stock Exchange

A natural alternative to Xanax is giving patients relief from their panic attacks, without the harsh side effects of chemical prescriptions.

Xanax Replacement

Texas is known for its strict medical cannabis laws, but faulty wording in the bills has led to some confusion among suppliers and growers.


76-year-old twin brothers, John and Robert Cunnan, have been working the land, producing high-quality cannabis for medical consumers for decades.

twin brothers

America’s first recreational cannabis market is continuing to produce strains with higher than average THC potency.

THC Potency

As the former National Democratic Party MP, Peter Stoffer believes he has seen enough abuse to change his way of thinking on medical cannabis for veterans.

Peter Stoffer

Thanks in large part to police bias, African-Americans are being stopped and frisked more than any other race, a rising problem across the nation.

African Americans

John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chairman, had his emails hacked, and a document provided to Clinton about cannabis legalization was given to WikiLeaks.


United States Coast Guard agents are being kept busy, as massive packages of cannabis continue to wash up along beaches in the Florida Keys.

Florida Beaches

First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, said there’s a need to relax the laws around medical cannabis to aid people suffering from illnesses.


This prison food company in Arizona wants to keep cannabis illegal so they can keep prisoners in jail to eat their malnutrition meals.

Prison Food

Utah Governor hopeful, Mike Weinholtz, is supporting his wife throughout his campaign, proving that he truly is in favor of cannabis legalization.

Mike Weinholtz

This mother says she found ground-up cannabis in her 4-year-old daughter’s french fries that were purchased from a local Wendy’s.


After trying to steal cannabis plants from the backyard of a home in Denver, Colorado, one boy is left dead, while another could be paralyzed.

steal cannabis plants

Best known for his groundbreaking decision to decriminalize low-level cannabis infractions, District Attorney Ken Thompson has lost his battle with cancer.

During a closed-door meeting with Wall Street Bankers (her financial supporters) Clinton made her stance on cannabis legalization clear.


Huge amounts of money are being pumped into cannabis eradication programs, but are turning up little results. What a waste.

Eradicate Cannabis Plants

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