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DEA agents, accompanied by a helicopter and armored vehicles, raided the home of an 81-year-old elderly woman over one plant.

Elderly Woman

Thanks to Google, inquiring minds are able to find information about cannabis quicker than ever before.


One study is proving that the real gateway drug is actually legal, and has been proven to lead to harsher drugs at an astounding rate.


By using some innovative building blocks, this couple was able to create a unique and environmentally friendly hemp house to call home.

Hemp House

With the help of her family and local government, this young girl was able to receive medical cannabis that helped calm her quaking body.

Old Order Mennonite

During a routine traffic stop, the rookie cops threatened to imprison a teenager if he didn’t eat the gram of cannabis they found in his vehicle.

Jay-Z is helping to open our eyes to the radically unjust system we’re all dealing with when it comes to the war on drugs.


These fortunate students now have access to the medication they are legally prescribed, all without fear of repercussions.


We know there are so many more, but these 15 rap songs will get you in the mood to smoke and chill anytime.

This truck driver faces up to 20 years in jail after a crash saw him get caught with over $2 million worth of cannabis in Texas.

truck driver

A new policy went into effect Thursday that bans U.S. soldiers in Alaska from attending any cannabis-related events, gatherings, festivals or fairs.


Mr. Grey is taking cannabis and the high-end art world by storm with his ultra-expensive, ultra-exclusive bong art shows.

Mr. Grey

Not only did CBD oil change the lives of everyone in the Santiago family, it did it faster than anyone could have ever imagined.

Kalel Santiago

Dr. Larry Bedard is fighting for patients to be able to use regulated medical cannabis in a hospital setting.

Dr. Larry Bedard

Cannabis activists in New Zealand aren’t afraid to show police they mean business.

While officers are aware of the flow of drugs into the prison, they say there is little they can do to stop it, especially as this was delivered by a drone.


While recreational cannabis prices have been on a steady decline, it’s likely they will increase over time. For now, get the cheap cannabis while you can.

cannabis prices

Police now have the technology to test of THC in saliva during roadside traffic stops, but some issues are leading to questions about the device.


This officer believes the current cannabis laws are too harsh and unfitting of the crime, and in desperate need of reform.

new zealand

Visitors from Canada to the United States who admit to using cannabis recreationally are currently prohibited from entering the country.

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