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UK nurse, Lara Smith, is only trying to receive the best medical treatment possible to help relieve her chronic pain, even if it is still illegal.


Colorado’s cannabis sales continue to grow and grow, breaking records and setting the standard for all other cannabis communities.

Cannabis Sales

The U.K. could be legalizing medical cannabis use sooner than many residents thought thanks to the suggestion from the APPG.


The Game is branching out from his successful rap career and hoping to spread the wealth in his new partnership with The Reserve.

The Game

Unfortunately, Michigan residents won’t get the opportunity to vote on legalizing recreational cannabis use during the November election.


While it still may be some time before a fully operational medical cannabis plan is put into place, Australians are remaining optimistic about the outcome.

medical cannabis australia

Colorado has engineered the ultimate domestic hemp seed and soon it will be available to all hemp farmers across America.

Domestic Hemp Seed

This couple ran a daycare from their home. Meanwhile, a $1 million grow operation was fully functioning in their backyard.

Grow Operation

Montel Williams’ new company, LenitivLabs, says they’re going to stay focused on the medical market and patients who need cannabis to live.

Montel Williams

We all know cannabis is a miracle medicine, but did you know it works better than most pharmaceutical drugs?

prescription drugs

California could soon become the next state to legalize recreational cannabis use and the experts think voters will make it happen.

david bienenstock

Young, African American males experience more police brutality than any other race. One officer held nothing back while beating a suspect already in custody.

Montavis Keller

A man serves 21 years in prison for minor cannabis crimes. Meanwhile, a convicted rapist is freed after 90 days. That, my friends, is justice in America.

Jeff Mizanskey

Cannabis activist, Roger Barbour, fought for his daughter and won. Members of the community are mourning his loss, and he will be sorely missed.

Roger Barbour

Thai Visa users overwhelmingly support the legalization of medical and recreational cannabis use in Thailand. Imagine if it happened…


If crossing international borders are on the agenda, do yourself a favor and become extremely familiar with these horrifying marijuana laws.

Horrifying Marijuana Laws

This cannacakes will be a huge hit at any party or gathering. They’re sure to keep guests in an elevated mood.

Law enforcement is working harder than ever to end illegal operations in America. The raids are resulting in some pretty insane weed busts.

Weed Busts

By expanding their medical cannabis program, New York will now give patients more access to the life-saving medication they so desperately need.

new york

Pennsylvania may have legalized medical cannabis, but the governor still believes the state should decriminalize possession of small amounts of flowers.


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