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I have a BFA in English, with a concentration in Writing. Journalism has always been my passion. Creating unique and informative articles, with some nonsense and humor dribbled about, is my strong suit.

The Clinton’s said what?! Bad Lip Service perfectly synced the politicians’ mouths with some hilarious words. These impersonations are as epic as they come.


As cannabis becomes more widely accepted, it’s appearing in more and more mainstream markets, even Hollywood and the entertainment industry.


Without proper regulations in place, these nurses are forced to refuses administration of cannabis oil in patients. Something is very wrong.


This California dispensary was illegally raided by police. Instead of taking it lying down, the dispensary owner has filed a lawsuit.

Dispensary Sues Cops

The Libertarian Presidential nominees have the right idea about cannabis reform. If only the other candidates shared their level-headed views.

libertarian presidential nominees

While many believed this could be the petition to reschedule cannabis and finally change the mind of the Federal Government and the DEA, sadly, it’s not.

reschedule cannabis

Dana Rohrabacher has come forward to advocate cannabis use, surely it’s only a matter of time until the government reschedules and legalizes cannabis.

Dana Rohrabacher

Randy Robertson played a big part in helping Pennsylvania become the 24th state to legalize medical cannabis. We have a lot to thank him for.

Randy Robertson

A car smashing into your house is bad enough. But the hole in the side of their house meant things were going to get a lot worse.

Residents of Illinois no longer face jail if they’re caught with a small amount of cannabis as they become the twenty-first state to decriminalize cannabis possession.


Protesters marched carrying not one, but two, giant, inflatable joints, in what supporters are calling “Jaywalk to DNC.”


Cannabis activists are the pioneers who helped paved the way for the cannabis movement and continue to fight for legalization and justice.

Cannabis Activists

These simple techniques will come in handy the next time you find yourself in a situation that feels a little too intense, and left you a little too high.


A stolen brain and chemically-altered sprayed weed make for a rather strange series of events, and this guy charged with some pretty heinous allegations.

Sprayed Weed

These lawyers created a music video to help residents understand their rights during a roadside stop, and avoid the wrath of the unjust war on drugs.


One Japanese actress-turned-activist is hoping she can make a big change in the Land of the Rising Sun’s strict cannabis laws.


Whether you’re wondering how to hinder a high or locate a medical marijuana doctor, we’ve answered the top ten cannabis googled weed questions.

Googled Weed Questions

Dr. Dina has enacted a new plan, Freedom Grow, to help free prisoners of weed (POWs), and cannabis enthusiasts everywhere can help.

freedom grow

With the gummy bear ban taking effect July 1, the cannabis market will undoubtedly bounce back, but with less fun shaped THC gummies.

Pennsylvania’s severely ill kids could have access to medical cannabis as early as next month.

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