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According to several studies Magic mushrooms, LSD, MDMA and other psychedelics improve relationships by inspiring empathy, communication, and self-awareness.

Portrait of an attractive young couple

CBD is often touted as a miracle drug that cures everything from anxiety to muscle pain. Here’s what we actually know.

Officials are still spreading lies about marijuana as a dangerous, gateway drug.

hese are the congressmen up for re-election still saying ridiculous things about marijuana

Drones, self-driving cars, and other forms of AI are predicted to transform society. The cannabis industry will be no exception.

Drones, chat bots, and self-driving cars are among the futuristic innovations likely to shape the cannabis industry.

There are few places in Ontario where medical marijuana patients can legally buy edibles. This clever culinary team is figuring out a way to change that.

Remember when you were told that marijuana would turn you into a burnout? These actors who smoke weed prove it’s about the person, not the plant.

Brad Pitt, Sara Silverman, and George Clooney all use cannabis

Senator Booker introduced one of the most far-reaching marijuana bills ever; one that would withhold federal funding from states that keep weed illegal.

Senator Cory Booker to Legalize Marijuana Nationally By Punishing Prohibition States

The broad acceptance and vague illegality make the CBD market ripe for misinformation through misleading advertising. Plainly, fake CBD is everywhere.


Plans for a referendum on marijuana policy could lead New Zealand to be the next country to legalize recreational cannabis.

Delegates Meet For Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Signing Ceremony

If you’re looking to take control of your high then look no further.

The HMBLDT pen is one of the greatest cannabis health inventions of all time

The Ontario Government is refusing to open up discussion about the consequences of their pot monopoly with the very people the plan will affect.

Marc Emery speaks to reporter about how dispensaries are fighting to stay open

An Arizona judge’s ruling could have profound affects on Annalise Estrada, a 9-year-old with a rare brain condition that causes intense seizures.

Michelle Ham uses a cannabis tincture to help cope with pain

Apparently, Security Guards don’t know either, which seems a little convenient.

Security staff control festival goers at the 41th edition of "Le Printemps de Bourges" rock and pop music festival

When Lucy Haslam started United In Compassion, she had one goal in mind; pressure the government to legalize medical marijuana and help people like her son.

Dan Haslam, a supporter of medical marijuana, sits in a hospital bed giving the thumbs up

Sarah Blyth of the Overdose Prevention Society says that cannabis is literally saving lives.

While the Attorney General Jeff Sessions is designing a second war on drugs, suburban mothers are standing their ground.

Israel may seem like an unlikely place for pot-supremacy, but Israeli scientists are single-handedly pioneering the field of medical marijuana research.


In the Bible Belt of the Deep South devout Christians are challenging the notion that smoking pot is sinful. In fact, they believe God even encourages it.

Bible Belt Christians weed medicine smoke marijuana cannabis church catholic priest

A new rehab clinic is flipping the “gateway drug” theory on its head. High Sobriety might be an oxymoron, but it’s better than an Oxy-overdose.

Rehab center weed exit drug marijuana

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