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Light up and enjoy these 10 funny stoner jokes that we have found!

The growth of unlicensed marijuana stores throughout California (specifically LA) is getting out of control. See exactly what is going on within the state.

Yes, Russia is really threatening to ban Wikipedia over one page that relates to cannabis…

Judge Judy is entertaining as it is, don’t get us wrong. However, when you put a stoned 21-year-old in the mix, you get an even more hilarious case.

Uncovering yet another ridiculous stance from Nancy Grace, now you can add even more humor to it with the responses from Kevin Hart and Ice Cube.

Montel Williams has been a long time advocate for medical marijuana since 1999 when he started using it for his MS. Listen to his inspiring words.

We absolutely love to see courses like this offering vital education for growing and selling cannabis and for properly operating a cannabis business.

Listen to Willie Nelson share a little humor about his experience.

Colorado’s legalization experiment continues to impress more and more. The recent numbers for the tax revenue the industry has brought in are astounding!

There’s a reason why the title says don’t do this high – or even sober. Well, you can, but see why jogging the French Alps may not be the greatest idea…

It can be eye-opening when you find yourself stoned eating an XL pizza. It’s time to learn how to control your munchies.

Imagine being able to walk into a Willie’s Reserve store, and walk out with your hands on an herbal remedy from the new Willie Nelson weed brand.

Willie Nelson Weed

Have you ever wanted to learn how to roll a perfect joint? Let the hip-hop artist who ONLY smokes joints show you how!

In this old battle, Bill O’Reilly vs. Harborside Health Center, Bill showcases his ignorance to the fullest extent.

Looking for the best places to stash your cannabis? We’ve got you covered!

Now that there are such things as subscription cannabis services, which one is better? Here is the Potbox vs. Marvina face-off!

Anything Snoop Dogg is in that relates to cannabis seems to be entertaining…especially when he rides a bicycle to go buy some in Amsterdam.

The largest cannabis growing area in the United States is being attacked, and may lead to reduced supply and higher prices within the industry.

You’ll find all types of confessions that are entertaining to read on this list of stoner couples confessions. Enjoy!

Chile has recently taken steps to update their cannabis laws and fight for reform. Here are 7 facts about these changes.

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