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The speed at which the cannabis industry is developing is truly remarkable, and potreneurs like Michael Steinmetz are hard at work preparing for the future.

What do you get when a bunch of cannabis enthusiasts get together to celebrate life? The Church of Cannabis, and a whole lot of smiles.

If the law protects religious practices, how could it not also permit marijuana use — which remains illegal — as part of a broader spiritual philosophy?

This proposal could have helped patients desperate for understanding the therapeutic properties of medical marijuana and optimizing their medical options.

Despite stating that Alex Renton’s case was not representative of New Zealand’s stance on cannabis, we are positive that his fight for life was not in vain.

Whether Donald Trump still supports the legalization of all drugs, one thing is for certain: he is not afraid to go extremist if the situation calls for it.

Racial implications within the United States are no mystery as their prevalence grows increasingly apparent. Turns out, the cannabis industry is not exempt.

With the stroke of his pen, President Obama will likely commute more sentences at one time than any president has in nearly half a century. This is liberty.

It’s the first time a presidential candidate has been involved with a cannabis industry event, let alone of the Republican party. What’s up Rand Paul?

The upcoming US presidential election poses both a risk and opportunity to marijuana laws on the state level. Here’s Rand Paul’s position on the matter.

Technology is a wonderful thing, especially if you live in a legal state. Watch how incredibly simple and awesome marijuana delivery as become.

The cannabis industry is evolving — and fast. Just a year ago everyone was wondering if this legal weed thing would work out, and look at Colorado now!

No celebrity is safe from the ever-vigilant paparazzi who thrive on exposing personal aspects of their lives. This week’s victim is Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant, who was caught with some medical marijuana outside of a club in Hollywood. Here’s what happened.

Nicholas Colas, a New York broker, reports findings from his investigation on Colorado weed prices, and notes a resemblance to the Silicon Valley boom.

Would you get let out on a brand new island to have your way with literally untouched nature and your selfie stick? This guy did, and he was rewarded amply.

This is a great glimpse into the discussions currently being held that are dictating the progress of cannabis legalization in America.

Kris Lewandowski, a war veteran and a husband & father of three, is facing life in prison for growing six marijuana plants in Oklahoma. This is sickening.

Jon Stewart has done it again. Bill O’Reilly compares smoking pot to Russian Roulette and Stewart is ignited. O’Reilly has no hope for survival.

It’s so bad that her opposition is weary of the argument before it even begins. Nothing seems to work on this woman.

This massive grow raid in Humboldt, California illustrates how cannabis prohibition doesn’t just harm the people — but the environment too.

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