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Thanks in part to those signed the petition, the New Zealand Government has approved Alex Renton’s medical marijuana application that could save his life.

Like most cannabis enthusiasts, we love selfless acts of compassion. We hope that you will share this clip and inspire others to do the same.

Everyone loves Zach Galifianakis. And if you somehow don’t, you clearly missed this clip. Watch Galifianakis light up a joint on Bill Maher’s live TV show.

Watch this 2 minute video on how to make a pipe out of something almost always on hand: your every day pen. It doesn’t get much more practical than that!

Yes, veterinary medicine has began to embrace marijuana for pets. However, the road looks long and fraught with obstacles — this video explains why.

So what exactly the difference is between marijuana wax, budder and shatter? Read on for a break down of these potent cannabis concentrates.

Notorious for her proliferation of weed fear-mongering, Grace delivers on all accounts in an angsty clip in which 2 Chainz cushions her blows like a champ.

In a display of pure flamboyance and excess, 2 Chainz hunts down the most expensive joint for an installment of his Most Expensivest Shit series.

Step inside of one of the cannabis industry’s largest dispensaries. Out of all the places you’d want to tour, Medicine Man is the one.

Ever wanted to see the biggest dab to be consumed in under 5 minutes? This 22 gram (yes 22 gram) dab will leave you in shock.

biggest dab

Yes, we know it’s hard to say “I want to regulate and legalize all drugs.” However, this video offers an interesting perspective to think about.

Yes, you read that correctly. The first weed hotel has officially opened in Denver. Now just wait until everyone else follows suit…

If you’re currently living without safe access, here’s your chance to see what the dispensary experience is all about. Is it all you’d hoped it would be?

In a 18-12 vote, a Senate Committee approved an amendment that will allow veterans access to medical marijuana by way of their Veterans Affairs doctors.

You don’t hear about stuff like this everyday. Listen to President Barack Obama speak on marijuana legalization in response to an inquisitive Jamaican.

As the greatest experiment of the 21st century, Colorado is already ahead of history with the cannabis industry. But how well is it all going?

This cannabis chef has invented a way of making odorless marijuana and tasteless cannabutter. It’s the start of a new innovation in cannabis culinary.

Joe Rogan digs into the truth behind cannabis prohibition, unveiling the players who have a vested interest in its exclusion from the competitive market.

Coltyn Turner has Crohn’s disease. At 15 years old and facing a diseased colon, Turner succinctly demonstrates the effect of his cannabis treatment.

Explaining mind alteration is one of the greatest challenges plaguing drug liberation. Simple yet powerful, these 12 images illustrate your brain on drugs.

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