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Whether you’ve just run out of snacks when the munchies hit or have reached the bottom of the air freshener when you need it the most—every marijuana enthusiast has stoner problems, and sometimes the struggle is very real.

Whether you’re looking to catch up on your marijuana-related current events, get the inside scoop on the latest and greatest stoner products to hit the market, or even to just be entertained—these “pot”casts will keep you occupied for hours on end.

It might seem that cannabis and yoga wouldn’t make a great match, considering most people don’t associate physical activity with marijuana. However, combining the two may lead to increased relaxation, deeper awareness, and greater ability to hold poses.

Whether pro-legalization of marijuana or against it, almost everyone has an opinion about marijuana use. From Tupac to Hugh Hefner, here are 25 of the most inspirational weed quotes we’ve heard.

Although every marijuana user’s opinion on weed is almost unanimously positive, all bodies respond to it differently. We’ve rounded up 6 of the most common, best and worst effects that an individual might experience when they light up.

To some, Charlotte’s Web may only be a reference to a children’s book. To individuals suffering from serious illnesses, it is a strain of live-changing cannabis. Named after a young girl whose story made the strain of medical marijuana famous, here’s the story of Charlotte’s Web.

Florida is still a ways away from fully legalizing weed for recreational use. However, it is definitely close as far as medical marijuana goes, and there may be hope yet for Floridians looking for a full-blown medical marijuana act to pass.

Gone are the days of conventional marijuana use—dabbing is the new rage amongst weed enthusiasts everywhere. Perhaps you’ve seen a dab art piece by now, but did you know that the brittle, caramel-like substance can also be vaporized?

Let’s get one thing straight: hemp is not marijuana. Marijuana is not hemp. One provides psychoactive effects, and the other doesn’t. Despite hemp’s broad industrial and commercial uses, both plants remain illegal in the United States.

Just in time for 4/20 week and the lazy days of Summer, Dixie Elixirs are back with new and improved flavors and more milligrams per bottle. With custom child-resistant packaging and dosing cups, your Elixir will stay carbonated and meets all MED compliance rules.

Sativex is a patented marijuana mouth spray developed for patients with multiple sclerosis to help treat and alleviate symptoms. The pharmaceutical drug is currently available in over 24 countries, and though it has yet to be approved in the US, it’s still a ground-breaking drug that’s gained approval in countries where marijuana is not legal.

It’s an art and a science. When it comes to harvesting marijuana, you’ll need to put those botany skills to good use in order to harvest beautiful bud. Here are some tips and steps to take when harvesting cannabis.

Widespread cannabis legalization may be decades out, but the visionaries are already hard at work preparing. As the marijuana market develops, the competition grows as more business minds realize the high stakes. What does it take to establish a leading brand that will last the test of time?

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the fight for marijuana legalization. The supersized state has a long way to go, but the future looks bright.

Ohio continues its battle for full marijuana legalization with every passing day. If you’re not too familiar with what’s been happening, here’s a breakdown of the major occurrences.

Marijuana prohibition is a dumb idea. Alcohol prohibition couldn’t last long in the 1920s. Hopefully, it won’t take too long for America’s long-standing marijuana prohibition to end too. There’s too little risk and too much reward for the legalization of marijuana.

A cannabis cigar, or cannagar, is one of the richest and most exotic methods of consuming cannabis as it combines rare ingredients with complicated construction. This step-by-step guide will teach you how to craft one.

Alaska approved a ballot initiative to legalize marijuana in 2014. As of February 24, 2015, this came to fruition, leading Alaska to be the 3rd state in the US to legalize cannabis. With these promising developments, we’re hopeful Alaska will soon be bustling with commercial growing and dispensaries.

Rolling a joint is an art. As with any art form, there are those who excel and those who fail. Here’s an exhibit of some of the worst joints. Ever.

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