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Widespread cannabis legalization may be decades out, but the visionaries are already hard at work preparing. As the marijuana market develops, the competition grows as more business minds realize the high stakes. What does it take to establish a leading brand that will last the test of time?

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the fight for marijuana legalization. The supersized state has a long way to go, but the future looks bright.

Ohio continues its battle for full marijuana legalization with every passing day. If you’re not too familiar with what’s been happening, here’s a breakdown of the major occurrences.

Marijuana prohibition is a dumb idea. Alcohol prohibition couldn’t last long in the 1920s. Hopefully, it won’t take too long for America’s long-standing marijuana prohibition to end too. There’s too little risk and too much reward for the legalization of marijuana.

A cannabis cigar, or cannagar, is one of the richest and most exotic methods of consuming cannabis as it combines rare ingredients with complicated construction. This step-by-step guide will teach you how to craft one.

Alaska approved a ballot initiative to legalize marijuana in 2014. As of February 24, 2015, this came to fruition, leading Alaska to be the 3rd state in the US to legalize cannabis. With these promising developments, we’re hopeful Alaska will soon be bustling with commercial growing and dispensaries.

Rolling a joint is an art. As with any art form, there are those who excel and those who fail. Here’s an exhibit of some of the worst joints. Ever.

Dixie presents The Toasted Rooster, an artisanal cannabis chocolate bar topped with sea salt and pepitas that will delight all your senses!

HERB: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis is the world’s first gourmet cannabis cookbook. This full-color, 200+ glossy page hardback contains recipes for serious food-lovers, reinventing the art of intoxication through high-end cuisine. Get your copy today!

Once one of the front-runners in the cannabis legalization race, Holland has suffered defeats in the past. However, new positives have come to light and legalization is close once again.

Anxious about how cannabis and anxiety interact? Take a deep breath and take a read as we break down the key facts.

Many travellers are ill-informed when it comes to cannabis laws around the world. Planning on travelling soon? Read on and be aware of these 6 surprising laws.

Oxalates are a compound found in many foods and they’ve recently become controversial among nutritionists. Add in cannabis and there’s even more confusion. Here’s how they’re tied together.

If you’re unsure about what’s going on with cannabis legalization down under, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the recent updates in the Aussie fight to legalize.

Sad, but true – some people are in fact, allergic to cannabis. Could it be you too? Here are some symptoms that could be a sign.

In a study done by the American Journal of Medicine, where the relationship between smoking marijuana and an individual’s body weight was examined, several interesting findings were revealed.

The legalization movement is in full swing. Who’s next? Taking a look at medicinal use, public opinion & past legislation in each state, here are the ones we think will soon be legalizing marijuana.

While marijuana may be a hot topic in political debates around the world, plenty of famous people have already expressed their opinions regarding the plant.

Although the war on drugs is finally losing steam, it’s still chugging along. Here are some shocking statistics on how the war on drugs has affected marijuana users and the country at large.

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