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Medical marijuana evaluations made easy. Don’t look for an evaluation center “near me,” see a mmj doctor online, it takes 10 mins!


Smoke Sessions features a unique format; a group of strangers is brought together to consume cannabis and engage in conversation and activities.

Smoke Sessions

The Vegas Weekend Box a carefully curated, Instagram-worthy selection of the top 10 cannabis products produced in Nevada.

Vegas Weekend Box

Canadian DJ Duo Young Wold Hatchlings have released their debut EP, and you need to check it out!

Young Wolf Hatchlings

CBD boasts a wealth of therapeutic benefits appreciated by people seeking many of the phytonutrient benefits of cannabis without getting high.


Kenny Scharf is the influential cannabis-artist who created Denver’s Cannabis Church. He talked to HERB about his relationship with cannabis and art.

Kenny Scharf

One vaporizer company has evolved to the point where terpene release is more of an art than a science. Be a Terpene Connoisseur with Linx Vapor.


This deliciously spicy This Texas Style Two-Alarm Chili recipe is given an extra kick with a good dose of MagicalButter, and is perfect for any night.

Texas Style Two-Alarm Chili

NuggMD has officially expanded their telemedicine service to New York, allowing patients to get their marijuana certification in minutes!


Need to pass a drug test? Unfortunately, cannabis can be difficult to clear from your system. Here are some handy products that might help.

Drug Test

To help keep your spirits as high as your minds, East Side Games is launching “Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money” on iOS and Android on 420.

The Linx Gaia is the newest member of the Linx Vapor family. Sleek in its design, the Gaia brings true innovation to the cannabis industry.

Linx Gaia

To Adam iLL, cannabis is life. Here’s what he has to say about getting paid to get high, and his advice on how to make it in the cannabis industry.

Here is some useful information about making the switch from smoking to vaping that will push you into right direction from the get-go.


Hoping to detox from cannabis in a hurry? Compounds from the plant can stay in your system for quite a while. Here’s how you speed up the cleansing process.


Ketchup is a condiment classic. Imagine the perfection of cannabis-infused ketchup with burgers and fries. Here’s how you make cannabis ketchup at home.

Want to learn how weed can make your nether regions tingle? Here’s the perfect recipe for a safe and customizable weed lube. Enjoy!

weed lube

The New Zealand government’s much-hyped relaxation of cannabis laws is very disappointing for those desperate to access safe, affordable cannabis medicine.

New Zealand

The LAPD forced the cancellation of BigMike’s Super Bowl Party yesterday. And while this is a disappointing blow, the outcome will be positive.


Combining the benefits of cannabis and honey has never been easier and more effective! Learn how to make your own Magical Cannabis Honey.

Magical Cannabis Honey

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