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Here is some useful information about making the switch from smoking to vaping that will push you into right direction from the get-go.


Hoping to detox from cannabis in a hurry? Compounds from the plant can stay in your system for quite a while. Here’s how you speed up the cleansing process.


Ketchup is a condiment classic. Imagine the perfection of cannabis-infused ketchup with burgers and fries. Here’s how you make cannabis ketchup at home.

Want to learn how weed can make your nether regions tingle? Here’s the perfect recipe for a safe and customizable weed lube. Enjoy!

weed lube

The New Zealand government’s much-hyped relaxation of cannabis laws is very disappointing for those desperate to access safe, affordable cannabis medicine.

New Zealand

The LAPD forced the cancellation of BigMike’s Super Bowl Party yesterday. And while this is a disappointing blow, the outcome will be positive.


Combining the benefits of cannabis and honey has never been easier and more effective! Learn how to make your own Magical Cannabis Honey.

Magical Cannabis Honey

Zach Fernandez has turned himself in at LAPD’s Hollywood station. He was booked for misdemeanor trespassing, and released after posting a $1,000 bond.

Zach Fernandez

Looks like the residents of California are amped that recreational cannabis will be legal this year.

If your doctor is doing it, then… These 18 medical professionals medicate themselves and encourage it in their patients. They know weed is medicine!

President Obama has commuted the sentence of Paul Free, who is serving a Life Without Parole sentence for a nonviolent marijuana conspiracy offense.

paul free

Many have tried, but no one has succeeded in out-smoking the Dogg. This video shows why Snoop is the undefeated King of Weed.

The Firefly2 is one of the sleekest, stylish, powerful, and discreet vapes on the market. Here’s how to make sure you’re getting the most from yours.

You can now purchase CBD across the United States. But, how much do you need? Here are three tips for getting the correct CBD dosage.

CBD Dosage

I love Bob Marley and tie-dye as much as the next stoner. But we need to drop the age-old cannabis imagery and prepare for the future with a new design.

Watching state after state pass cannabis legalization on Election Day made Steve Elliott excited, and also reflective on Washington state’s own laws.

Whatever your opinion on the Presidential election results, the one thing everyone can all agree on is cannabis came out victorious on November 8th.


D.S. & FITZ has reinvented the way medical marijuana is consumed through its newly released CannaCaps, the only decarboxylated product on the market today.


420 Doctors, get a MMJ Card today! From San Jose to Los Angeles, see a medical marijuana doctor online now for your 420 evaluations.

Doctors in San Jose, Los Angeles

Thanks to Hemp CBD Oil and the internet, American residents can now buy CBD in their respective states without a medical cannabis card.

Elixinol Hemp CBD Oil

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