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I love Bob Marley and tie-dye as much as the next stoner. But we need to drop the age-old cannabis imagery and prepare for the future with a new design.

Watching state after state pass cannabis legalization on Election Day made Steve Elliott excited, and also reflective on Washington state’s own laws.

Whatever your opinion on the Presidential election results, the one thing everyone can all agree on is cannabis came out victorious on November 8th.


D.S. & FITZ has reinvented the way medical marijuana is consumed through its newly released CannaCaps, the only decarboxylated product on the market today.


420 Doctors, get a MMJ Card today! From San Jose to Los Angeles, see a medical marijuana doctor online now for your 420 evaluations.

Doctors in San Jose, Los Angeles

Thanks to Hemp CBD Oil and the internet, American residents can now buy CBD in their respective states without a medical cannabis card.

Elixinol Hemp CBD Oil

What do you get when you challenge a bunch of gamers to cultivate marijuana online? Pot Farm: Grass Roots, the largest cannabis community on earth.

Pot Farm: Grass Roots

With the “Here’s My Ribbon” campaign, breast cancer patients and advocates around the world are raising awareness for medical cannabis therapies.

breast cancer

How can cannabis improve your performance? According to many professional athletes, it can help you focus, increase your endurance and speed your recovery.

With live cannabis plants on deck and leaders and elected officials discussing regulations, the State of Marijuana can’t be missed.

D.S. & FITZ want anyone with a medical condition which can be treated with cannabis to participate in a study that aims to examine medical cannabis use.


Now that cannabis prohibition is ending, patients and other consumers are returning to the age-old practice of ingesting tinctures.


The Microsoft announcement helps to legitimize the industry and pave the way for thousands of start-ups that have thus far struggled to be taken seriously.


This video of an officer tasing a teenager into a coma will leave you sick to your stomach. Warning: graphic nature. This is what prohibition looks like.

For any parent, the worst imaginable pain they could endure would probably be watching their children suffer.

For this writer, Colorado is the stuff true love is made of.

Cannabinoids can improve and even save the lives of returned service men and women suffering from PTSI.

Canada and Mexico announced their intentions to legalize cannabis at the UN General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) in New York.

Watch President Obama’s hilarious final speech at the White House Correspondents’ dinner.

president obama's final speech

The tCheck is a cellphone-sized device that can give total cannabinoids by volume in under a minute. No more overpowering batches of cookies.

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