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America’s Founding Fathers created a republic based on a Constitution that clearly defines a sharply restricted role for the federal government. It’s a matter of some concern, then, when advocates of such limited government and individual freedom support reckless federal intrusion into personal issues like cannabis consumption by private individuals.

We’re celebrating women in weed this International Women’s Day.

In recent years, the United States & United Nations efforts to stop the War On Drugs is shown to be ineffective.

Who ever thought that Adele’s “Hello” would be getting a clever and educational weed parody to it? We certainly didn’t.

52% of Americans, including a majority of adults under 65, support legalizing marijuana.

Tokyo Smoke in Toronto is a new lifestyle brand that aims to elevate weed.

The question is out there: Did Colorado pot shops sell $1 billion of weed in 2015?

Fulla Nayak made international news when her grandson Narayan Nayak claimed that she could be the oldest woman living in the world. She claimed her secret was smoking weed every day.

A T-Break is usually a good idea if you are not getting as high as you used to, and wish to get more out of the experience of consuming marijuana.

t break

Massachusetts is likely going to be one of the next states to legalize weed. According to experts, the current mobilization could easily extend to surrounding states.

Sitcom genius Chuck Lorre is planning a new comedy set in a Colorado dispensary.

A man from Cairns, Australia, has been charged with aggravated supply of dangerous drugs to a minor and drug possession. Who to? His cancer-stricken daughter.

A tip from a private citizen has resulted in a tractor-trailer being seized in northern Sonora carrying a load of coconuts. But all was not as it seemed.

How will dispensaries continue to grow and evolve to accommodate the inevitable continued growth of the cannabis industry?

MagicalButter’s executive chef has found that the highest grade of cannabutter begins with clarified butter, resulting in a smoother consistency and enhanced flavor. What exactly is clarifying, and what’s the best way to go about it?

Enedina Stanger has no choice but to become a “medical marijuana refugee”. Medical marijuana is her only relief from pain, but illegal in her home state of Utah, meaning the family had to relocate to Colorado.

Hemp does a rather magnificent job cleaning up all sorts of nasty chemicals and toxins from the soil. It has been used for years in Chernobyl, and now Japan wants to use it to aid in the Fukushima clean-up efforts.

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