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The negative stigma surrounding marijuana has caused our society to truly believe that marijuana legalization would have many negative effects.

Governor John Hickenlooper approves marijuana

Our amazing fans tagged us on Twitter @HERBworthy and let us know what their first time getting high was like. We chose 15 of our favorite stories!

Let these filmmakers provide you with a much better understanding as we explore the Top 10 marijuana documentaries.

Marijuana Documentaries

There are a lot of great Marijuana YouTube channels out there. We selected a few of our favorites for you to check out. Happy watching!

The moment we have all been waiting for – the first ever weed resort is coming to America! This is something you’ll want to be going to ASAP.

More often than not, you’ll hear people from who grew up in the 1960s and 70s, who smoked “hippie weed” say that weed today is not like it used to be.

An old classic – the apple pipe. Not everyone has smoked from one and not everyone knows how to properly make one, so here’s a tutorial!

Here is yet another great study regarding cannabis and chronic pain to add to the continuously growing list.

The Deew Box (which we, along with some experts, realize is ‘Weed’ backwards..) holds everything you need in the ultimate weed organizer.

Floyd Mayweather’s reaction when he hears about the 5-year marijuana suspension for the first time explains the situation in its entirety.

Chris Christie lied during the recent GOP debate and Dr. Sanjay Gupta fact checks him to prove it.

Katt Williams shares his opinion on the ridiculous 5-year suspension of UFC star Nick Diaz over marijuana. Katt’s response shouldn’t surprise you.

These packs of marijuana cigarettes are extremely nice on the outside, and sound even better on the inside…

Despite the new cannabis laws, there are still many people serving life sentences or have cannabis-related criminal records.

There has been no state to generate more tax revenue on marijuana than alcohol…until now. Colorado wins again!

Making a cannabis cigar is not as quick as rolling a blunt per say, but it is nonetheless awesome and an amazing experience to smoke from. Learn how!

Let’s face it, we all have ran into people who can do some annoying things when they smoke weed. Here are the 10 biggest ones you’ve definitely come across.

In a humorous animation displaying the differences between hard drugs versus marijuana, marijuana faces off against crystal meth in a debate.

Here is another example of a successful individual who is not afraid of sharing how cannabis helps him – actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

When you hear the words: “Marijuana holiday”, we know you think of 4/20. However, there is a new marijuana holiday that had emerged recently.

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