Kyle Muckian

Relaxed, Positive, constantly laughing. I have a background in Forensic Psychology and Philosophy. Love to Travel and love the idea of not working 9-5 for someone else.

The same cops who arrest you for having cannabis are found eating it during a raid!

The debate rages as the positive awareness of cannabis spreads, and people who have never tried marijuana but want to are hesitant to smoke it. Which is the right way for you to enjoy the pleasures of cannabis?

Meet Adam Koessler and his daughter Kumer. Adam was recently arrested for giving Kumer hemp oil in an attempt to treat her Stage-4 neuroblastoma, an extremely aggressive form of cancer

We’ve heard the candidates weigh in on what their stands are regarding legalizing marijuana. But the real question is how do we know who is being honest about their campaign promises?

We look at five common aggressive illnesses that marijuana is proving to be more than just a pain reliever for, but is proving to have cracked the code on how to cure them.

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