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I am from Pennsylvania where I lived until moving to Denver in 2013. My interest in the cannabis industry is what drew me to Colorado. I am an aspiring Industrial Hemp Baron, golfer, FIFA champ, long boarder, dog lover, and a potculture trendsetter. Send me a message with any post ideas or industry news. Thanks for making me the writiest of the righters!

Eugene Monroe’s $80,000 donation to the Realm of Caring will go toward furthering research into how cannabinoids can help prevent CTE.

Marijuana and hops are very similar in appearance and sometimes smell. But do the similarities go deeper?

The future of medical marijuana for Vets in Canada is coming under fire as the government investigated the current program.

medical marijuana for vets

Big Pharma has developed a variety of cannabis-based drugs designed to appeal to cannabis supporters.

cannabis-based drugs

New Zealand’s confusing and difficult medical marijuana access puts patients at a disadvantage.

medical marijuana access

Medical marijuana refugees have been flocking to Colorado for a few years. Favorable marijuana laws encourage families to plant their roots in Colorado.

If the White House has started inviting marijuana advocates in for a chat about ganja, does that mean the end of marijuana prohibition is nearly here?


Are you and your guy or gal looking for something special to do this 420? Take a look at these 10 ganja inspired get together’s for a little inspiration.

Everyone has their opinion about where the best weed is grown, but who can argue with Colorado cannabis and the Rocky Mountains?

Hemp oil products like Charlotte’s Web have saved the lives of many children who suffer from epilepsy, and their parent’s are willing to go to great lengths to secure the oil extracts.

States like California are struggling to provide enough energy to the marijuana industry, making solar energy pivotal in its progress.

Yesterday, the state House of Representatives approved legislation to allow a program for industrial hemp research. If approved by the state Senate, it could return to its status of being the nation’s largest hemp producer.

Do you like vodka? Do you like cannabis? If you are reading this, chances are you answered yes to at least one of those questions, and boy do we have a spirited surprise for you.

Out of rolling papers? Got gum? If you answered yes to these questions then you are in business.

Medical marijuana is positioning itself as the go-to remedy for a variety of medical conditions and ailments. If you are tuned into its healing powers, just know—you aren’t alone.

The Denver Post’s new documentary Rolling Papers is a green look at the surface level of the marijuana industry in Denver, Colorado. Watch out—The Cannabist is watching.

Marijuana legalization has certainly reduced the amount of marijuana related crimes, but has it actually caused a decrease in overall crime rates?

Witnessing the exponential growth of the marijuana industry is a once in a lifetime experience. But the speed of expansion is causing a lot of misinformation.

fake medical marijuana

Wait, you’re telling me I can be a pro athlete and be sponsored by a cannabis company? Things done changed for real!

RESULTS: A new “ world record” was recently set as the parents of a 2 month old baby girl decided to administer Charlotte’s Web CBD hemp oil to treat her epilepsy.

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