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With all the similarities between the Canada and the US, one would assume that they share pretty similar drug policies. But this isn’t the case.

Drug Policy

Up until now, the NFL’s ban on alcohol advertising had stood ground amid concerns of associating hard liquor with football players in front of young fans.


Justin Trudeau thinks Canadian teenagers should be legally able to purchase cannabis after they graduate high school. Others aren’t so sure.


Under their newly elected president Emmanuel Macron, the French government has announced its plan to introduce a law ending prison terms for cannabis use.


The American Legion is urging President Trump to make good on one of his central campaign promises: improving the lives of veterans.

One of the Canadian Liberal government’s biggest reasons for wanting to legalize cannabis was to get rid of the black market.

For ex-MMA fighter Bas Rutten, opioids, and other pharmaceuticals were not an option anymore, which led him to be a strong advocate for medicinal CBD.

Bas Rutten

The most controversial aspect of Canada’s move to legalize cannabis nationwide could be setting the legal age to purchase at only 18.


After an almost decade-long NASCAR racing hiatus, Carl Long attempts to seek an ad deal from a Colorado-based CBD extract producer.


Here’s a quick tutorial for how to use one of the most powerful and effective odor eliminators ever made.

Justin Trudeau’s brother was able to avoid a criminal record following a cannabis possession arrest after his father used legal connections.


US Capitol Police arrested seven pro-cannabis activists in D.C. who were distributing free joints on a sidewalk across from the Capitol building on 420.

Check out what the experts think about the alcohol industries future in a country that is turning green quickly.

beer sales

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With the release of this year’s 420-inspired SB Dunk Highs, Nike continues what has become an annual tradition of delivering special cannabis-themed kicks.


Check out the powerful stance that Cannabis Culture is taking, despite the recent police crackdowns on Jodie and Marc Emery.

Cannabis Culture

It’s a little-known secret that many famous athletes in the NBA enjoy cannabis from time to time. Who is your favorite player from this list?


Adam Ruins Everything tackles the long-time debate on the legality of on of the most commonly used illicit substances on the planet, cannabis.

If you haven’t discovered the magic of Karl Kronic’s Instagram yet, you’re missing out big time. His level of cannabis photography is almost unbeatable.

The government plans to introduce legislation by April 20 (420) to legalize it, with the intention of the law being in place by Canada Day next year.


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