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Check out which three UFC fighters have been banned for 90 days for breaking anti-doping rules. Spoiler alert: It’s not the Diaz brothers.

UFC Fighters

The Crown’s handling of The Cannabis Culture budtender cases in Toronto will likely be closely watched by police and municipalities across Canada.

Cannabis Culture

Justin Trudeau’s government has the majority vote again: An online nationwide survey has found that 51% of Canadians are in favor of legalized cannabis.


Oxford University has announced an exciting new $12 million research program to develop innovative medical cannabis therapies in the UK.

Oxford University

Two federally regulated medical cannabis companies that were caught up in a contaminated cannabis recall are now facing proposed class-action lawsuits.

Contaminated Cannabis

Buzzfeed rounded up some staff who smoke every day of the week for the sole purpose of getting them to quit weed for a week. Here’s what happened.

quit weed

If the NFLPA can show evidence of cannabis being an effective pain management tool, the NFL may have no option but to embrace it for medicinal purposes.

Since the late 1980s, the Drug Czar has coordinated plans to reduce the supply of and demand for drugs while using law enforcement as their strong arm.

Drug Czar

If you find yourself missing weed when you’re traveling, try these 3 tips to find a good dealer who has great prices and quality cannabis.


Experts have found that animals also seek out a quick chemical high from plants, bugs and, well, wherever they can find it.


With cannabis use on the rise globally, understanding what daily consumption does to the body is a pretty big subject area.


Every week, new statistics are released that show surging support for cannabis reform and tout the herb’s many medical benefits.

quit weed

This guide will hopefully get you through times when you know law enforcement will be able to smell your weed, and your last attempt is to hide your stash.


Smugglers were caught with 4000 lbs of cannabis hidden in fake key limes coming across the US border from Mexico on a tractor trailer.


NBA Hall of Fame legend Bill Walton was caught on live TV talking about something that didn’t really pertain to the NCAA, or to basketball in general.

Bill Walton

Oaksterdam University provides the kind of education that could help you create a million dollar company in the booming cannabis industry.

Oaksterdam University

We’ve all had to find a new weed dealer over the years. Keep these six tips to in mind and play it safe on your next pick up.

Weed Dealer

The Statistics Canada findings were a surprise to many police officers in the nation who still widely believe cannabis is rampant on the black market.


Canadian company Organigram is in troble after testing proved that a whole lot of their buds tested positive for two controversial and illegal pesticides.


Germany has created an amendment to their drug laws, allowing patients access to medical cannabis while covering the costs of the medicine from insurers.


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