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No amount of lost revenue seems to distract these athletes and advocates from spreading the news on the potentially life-saving medicine that is cannabis.


The organization that fought for legal recreational cannabis in Washington DC had a very busy morning before Trump’s inauguration with #Trump420.


It looks like the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) is finally hearing the public and its UFC fighters surrounding the benefits of medical cannabis.

Nick Diaz

Many assumed that legalized cannabis would have a drastic impact on other controlled markets like the alcohol and tobacco industry.

Police in Vancouver have a new machine that can test for impairment from not just cannabis, but cocaine, methamphetamine, and opiates.


Check out this video to see what were the five craziest fast food items of all time (that you’ve probably forgotten about).

Fast Food

The Task Force wanted to avoid having the varying ages throughout the provinces and has recommended that the age limit should be set at 18 nationwide.

task force

Just after everyone thought 2017 would be Canada’s year…

The Prince of Pot is having more law enforcement drama with his newest Cannabis Culture expansion in the city of Montreal.


Blowing past 2015’s total sales of just under 1 billion dollars, these sales show a rising demand for medical and recreational cannabis.


Ex-Canadian Forces combat engineer Fabian Henry believes using cannabis for PTSD treatments could help the veteran suicide crisis.

Veteran Suicide

With a rock solid plot and excellent acting, Green is Gold took home the Best Fiction Feature Award at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

Green Is Gold

Can you imagine a greenhouse the size of 10 football fields? A planned expansion would turn this Canadian weed factory into the world’s largest.

weed factory

Partnering with a cannabis producer on the East Coast stays true to the humble beginning of the famous show, the Trailer Park Boys.

Trailer Park Boys

The 2016 Cannabist Awards took place in Las Vegas, and strive to recognize the leaders in a multitude of subcategories in the American cannabis industry.

Cannabist Awards

A Vancouver company called Air Cannabis could find itself in legal trouble, as Air Canada might be taking legal action over their very similar logo.

Air Cannabis

With ballot day upon us, the results could leave the cannabis community heavily divided on their beliefs. And who will the real winners be if it passes?

cannabis community

How can Obama be less progressive towards cannabis than some republican states? Check out his interview with Bill Maher for his opinion.


Here’s a bunch of the best weed Snapchats accounts that all you cannabis lovers out there should be following.

Best Weed Snapchat

In this video by Human Rights Watch, watch how lives and families are destroyed every 25 seconds in the US because of backward thinking policies.

Every 25 Seconds

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