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If Shoppers Drug Mart is accepted to be a licensed distributor, medical cannabis could be available in over 1200 store locations.

Shoppers Drug Mart

MasterBong is back at it again with another creative way to smoke cannabis. This time, he simply uses the hollow chips called Takis.


A lot of investors have already established themselves in America, so many are now looking at different opportunities around the world.


A group of current and former NFL players have started a group that wants to end the pharmaceutical addictions associated with life after football.

NFL Players

Danish police have arrested a couple for supplying medicinal oil to patients with cancer. Could this be the beginning of Denmark’s cannabis law reform?

danish police

Utah had received $73,000 in eradication funds to eliminate cannabis plants in the state. Can you guess how many the DEA found?


This change of opinion is very much welcomed because up to this point, the government has remained ignorant of the medicinal value of cannabis.

Medicinal Value

Cannabis arrests are at a 20-year low. Although a step in the right direction, the FBI’s report still shines a light on some huge problems.


The booming Colorado cannabis business could soon help schools prevent bullying and harassment of vulnerable local students.


Watch first hand the huge impact that cannabis oil can have on people suffering the devastating effects of Parkison’s Disease.

Parkison's Disease

Attorney General Loretta Lynch smashed it when she announced her views on the real gateway drug argument in a speech at Kentucky University.

Real Gateway Drug

A dumbass was arrested this weekend after a video surfaced on Facebook showing him give cannabis to his 3-year-old nephew.


One of the most tragic parts of smoking cannabis with strict parents… Watch this clip of one poor guy losing his stash.


I think it’s time for customs to take a toke and relax with the cannabis related enforcement, and I’m sure Charlo Greene does, too.

Charlo Greene

An Australian man is risking jail time to treat his ailing 4-year-old daughter, who has had thousands of seizures in her short life.


Watch Marc Emery’s response in an interview to a recent police incident at Cannabis Culture… initiated by his own landlord.

cannabis culture

In a story that reeks of power abuse, how does one sell cannabis while arresting people for it at the same time? Turns out, all you need is a badge.


Police had seized almost 900 mature plants from the bunker back in 2013, and the results of Robinson’s trial have just come to light.


This guy was on his way to the cannabis friendly state of Washington when the US border officer noticed something different about one of his money bags.

Hopefully, the man will be able to afford a good enough lawyer that should be able to keep his record clean.

Weed Smoke

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