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Check out how a British man from Glastonbury managed to grow cannabis for almost 2 decades.

Another Cannabis Culture dispensary raid this week by Toronto cops this week reinforces the need to introduce laws to regulate dispensaries fairly.

cannabis culture dispensary raid

Check out the guy who drilled 3 different holes in his skull to try and manipulate the way he could stay high forever. It’s a pretty out-there experiment.

Stay High Forever

Another day, another cop blunder. Nothing quite like having 11 years experience working with drugs and then mistaking meth for something else.


Travelers and locals made off with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of hash washed ashore, creating one of the greatest disappearing acts ever.

Hash Washed Ashore

Check out the first vendor to allow the sales of cannabis at the Enchanted Forest festival, this weekend July 22-24 in California.

Enchanted Forest festival

Canadian weed boasts some of the most famous strains in the world. Did you know that? Maybe, maybe not. How many have you smoked?

Dana Larsen owns two dispensaries in Vancouver and is starting to sell his cannabis to anyone over the age of 19.

Dana Larsen

Could the humble carrot pipe be the best smokable vegetable?

carrot pipe

With a great amount of evidence that cannabis can replace harmful painkillers like opioids,Big Pharma has a lot to lose.

big pharma

One University has discovered the drastic reduction in prescription drug use in states that enable access to medical cannabis for eligible patients.

Opioid Replacement

Never thought you could smoke over 100 different ways? Guess again.

Want to bring your thoughts into Canada’s cannabis regulatory platform? Then we highly recommend voicing your concerns in this survey.

Check out this video for yet another family who have found the benefits of medical cannabis for the treatment of pediatric epilepsy.

Check out what the Canadian weed legalization task force thinks about the idea of growing your own cannabis plants at home.

Canadian Weed Legalization

With concentrate use on the rise, certain strains of cannabis are getting more popular for extraction, from 100% sativa to indica and everything in between.


It’s Shark Week! Check out which strains to look for at your dispensary during next weeks shark-infested TV marathons.

shark week

Atlantic City thinks that their financial problems could be solved with the legalization of recreational cannabis. Does the city have hope for a rebound?

atlantic city

This university has been granted a substantial $1.2 million for a specific medical cannabis study, which should provide exciting results for the medical cannabis industry.

medical cannabis study

B-Real and Snoop Dogg together in one of the most entertaining hot-boxes of all time. Only one man has out smoked Snoop. Can you guess who it is?

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