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In what could be perhaps one of the most smoked out sessions in history, Wiz Khalifa & B-Real chief it up in the Smokebox.

Check out Barry Cooper’s best tips for avoiding a possession charge when you get pulled over. This ex-cop really knows his stuff.

Even down to the voice actors, this rendition of the show could be mistaken for the original, if not for the constant stoner vibes.

What did Chong have to say after being snubbed to speak at a Bernie Sanders rally, just hours before it began?

Check out the new approach to helping patients access medical marijuana, it’s a business idea that some might prefer over dispensaries.

Can you handle the third dimension of joint smoking? Find out with this awesome cube joint tutorial video.

cube joint

If 66% of medical marijuana patients use it as an alternative to pharmaceuticals, shouldn’t everyone have the right to choose pot over pills?

pot over pills

Does this starburst pipe have the effectiveness to beat the apple pipe as a fan favourite? Check out this video and see for yourself.

Opportunities for hemp and medical marijuana research will become much easier for universities as some new legislation may come to fruition.

The High Times-sponsored Cypress Hill concert is the Cannabis Cup’s lone Colorado event, so why has it just moved to a much smaller venue?

High Times Cannabis Cup

Why does Canada love cannabis? For starters, it’s one of the coolest countries in the world for enthusiasts. You’ll want to move here after reading this!

Breaking news today announces which state will begin to manufacture, supply and access marijuana in high-quality medical form.

These 2 new products from the musician and G FarmaLabs will kick-start the beginning of your summer.

Find yourself with some great flower but no way to grind it up? Check out these 4 handy grinder alternatives.

Mexico decriminalize marijuana

Want to learn how to roll one of the coolest joint filters? Check out this tutorial video on how to roll the infamous rocket joint!

300 pounds. That’s how much Californian bud you’d be able to buy if you had a million dollars lying around. You need to see this photo!

Will cannabis flavoured gelato create enough excitement to change Italian attitudes and begin the nationwide acceptance of marijuana?

Allen Peake, a Georgia lawmaker admits his defiance for unjust cannabis prohibition and goes above and beyond to prove it!

Check out this video from Josh at StrainCentral, showing you all the benefits of using carb caps on your oil rig! This is a must see for all you dabbers!

Tommy Chong’s Bernie Sanders endorsement video as seen on CNN, Rolling Stone, LA Times and others. How does he try and convince you to #feelthebern?

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