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Michelle is a staff writer at Herb focused on cannabis culture, trends, and education. Her work has also appeared in Playboy, Rolling Stone, High Times, and others. Originally from the East Coast, she now spends most of the year in Southern Mexico with her pup, Chuy. Follow her on Twitter @m00shian.


Kristin Price suffered from debilitating pain her entire life. Then, in February, she finally discovered CBD for inflammation.

A photo of Kristen Price, who uses CBD for inflammation

For many, weed helps them treat migraines and other headache conditions. But that’s not always the case.

Man sitting on couch, seemingly with a migraine. some people say smoking cannabis gives them weed headaches

Our comprehensive guide on how to use CBD for a better night’s rest.

A couple is shown sleeping. In this article, we explore CBD for sleep

Dank meals and high judges? The moment we’ve been waiting for has arrived…sort of.

Cooking On High: TV’s First Competitive Cannabis Cooking Show Premieres On Netflix

Your precious herb is completely salvageable if you follow these steps.

What To Do When Weed Gets Wet: The Complete Guide

The cannabis and gay rights communities have a long history of working together. Now, modern cannabis brands are carrying on that legacy.

Leading Cannabis Brands Give Back For Pride

From what to bring to what to expect, we’ve got you covered.

A man ordering marijuana at a cannabis dispensary

Studies have shown CBD to have potential in helping people quit smoking cigarettes.

cigarette being put out on a red surface

Sublingual absorption cannabis products offer medical marijuana patients fast onset, precise dosing, and high bioavailability.

Why Sublingual Absorption Cannabis Products Are The Best Choice For Medical Marijuana Patients

Get instant relief without the high.

man holding a vape that takes CBD dabs

Thinking about investing?

5 Weed Stocks to Watch in 2018

We spoke with the Founder of Phylos Bioscience to see if there’s any genetic truth to weed strain names.

Portrait of Cannabis farmer apply chemical modification to plant. The question many are asking is are weed strain names legit?

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, or AMLO for short, has proposed legalizing all drugs to decrease violence in the country.

Will AMLO legalize cannabis in Mexico? - Herb

Hemp-derived CBD is growing in popularity in places where cannabis is still prohibited.

There’s no better way to ease mom into the wonders of cannabis.

Why you should get your mom a vape pen for Mother’s Day

Forget the scare tactics of D.A.R.E. This is how to talk to teens about cannabis.

how to talk to teens about cannabis

It looks, smells, and tastes just like high-quality weed.

Why Marijuana Lite Is So Popular For Smoking In Europe

Before you buy hemp CBD, this is what you need to know.

Dispensaries are selling more low THC products and strains than ever before.

How Microdosing Is Transforming The Cannabis Industry

Weed withdrawal is real and anything but pleasant.

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