Miroslav Tomoski

Miroslav Tomoski is a political reporter at Herb. He studied US politics at the University of Windsor and has been reporting as a freelancer since the 2016 election. His work has taken him across 30 states and – in the hopes of making it to all 50 – he is now looking for a good reason to go to Oklahoma.


Cannabis could be a promising solution for America’s binge-drinking crisis.

Binge drinking declines in states that legalize

The state currently doesn’t allow for the social consumption of legal herb.

Why The Cannabis Industry Disapproves Of Colorado’s Pot Lounges Plan

They’re accepting public comments until April 23rd.

The United Nations To Consider Rescheduling Cannabis

Recreational marijuana was linked to a decrease in reported rapes and thefts.

New Data Finds Cannabis Legalization Reduces Violent Crime

If a US border official asks if you’ve smoked marijuana before, saying “yes” could result in denied entry. But lying means a lifetime ban.

Canadians Who Smoke Legal Weed Can Be Banned From Crossing The U.S. Border

They’re trying to block a legalization initiative from getting on the ballot in November.

Utah Medical Association is urging people to remove their signature from a medical marijuana initiative

The cannabis industry continues to largely operate in cash.

Marijuana friendly states want to meet with Sessions

The DEA just approved Insys to distribute synthetic forms of cannabis. They did this despite the company’s history of abuse.

Insys granted preliminary approval from the DEA to distribute synthetgic cannabis

There are decriminalization efforts in Oregon, Colorado and California.

The man thinks marijuana is “altering the minds of the American people.”

Virginia Man Threatens To Murder Rep. Scott Taylor Over Marijuana

He started using drugs—and then selling them—to deal with combat-related PTSD.

Veteran Miguel Perez Jr. Deported To Mexico After Two Tours In Afghanistan

He’s getting $2.5 million to become the face of Canadian cannabis company Invictus.

Kiss frontman Gene Simmons Joins the Cannabis Industry

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