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Miroslav Tomoski is a political reporter at Herb. He studied US politics at the University of Windsor and has been reporting as a freelancer since the 2016 election. His work has taken him across 30 states and – in the hopes of making it to all 50 – he is now looking for a good reason to go to Oklahoma.


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Marijuana Seeds

Recently, Jeff Sessions inspired a fresh bout of fear that the DEA might soon crackdown on states with legal medicinal and recreational weed with the expiration of Rohrabacher-Blumenauer Act.

Jeff Sessions

Researchers hypothesize the naturally-occurring substance DMT could explain dreams, consciousness, and religious visions.

Former NHL enforcer, Riley Cote tells HERB that he thinks professional sports organizations embracing cannabis will benefit players’ health and teams’ bottom-lines.

NHL Enforcer Cannabis Professional Sports

While Britain has made significant progress in updating policy to match research on the therapeutic benefits of CBD, the United States is still living in the dark ages.


This could seriously impact what products end up on shelves at Canadian dispensaries.

Man in Cannabis Production plant

This will be the first time that a major political debate is hosted by a marijuana advocacy group. It’s a responsibility the group has taken seriously.

political debate about weed

Dronabinol, developed by a pharmaceutical company has been granted Schedule II classification. The cannabis plant, on the other hand, remains Schedule I.

Kieth Kruskall with the Drug Enforcement Administration, holds up a package of synthetic marijuana

While it was an Irishman that introduced cannabis as a medical treatment to the Western world, this is the first time Irish lawmakers are allowing weed to be used to treat chronic pain.

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams

Canadian politicians at the federal and provincial level are going to war over marijuana tax dollars, instead of tightening their shaky plan to legalize.

government marijuana laws canadian politicians weed money

While the focus has been on opioids, anti-anxiety medications known as benzodiazepines have seen a staggering rise in both prescription rates and overdoses.

Woman with anxiety medication in hands

The rise of dabbing in popular culture has prompted many publications to stoke fear around cannabis concentrates, some even calling dabs “the new crack”.

High Times Denver Cannabis Cup

Massive amounts of Americans were unwittingly dosed with LSD. Covert tests took place across 86 institutions from prisons to universities to hospitals.

W. Madison Presnell pours LSD on spoon

A recent study shows flaws in the portrayal of cannabis users as spacy and forgetful. According to research, smoking weed might fight Parkinson’s disease.

DENVER, CO, JUNE, 6, 2005 - Micah Moffett, a quadriplegic confined to a wheelchair since a motorcycle accident in 1991, needs assistance from his licensed marijuana caregiver, Jay Buzzalini to help administer his medical dose. Buzzalin

The Opioid Crisis is on track to resulting in more deaths than the Vietnam War did casualties. Overdose is the leading cause of death of Americans under 50.

Nation's Opioid Crisis Worst Health Crisis In American History

Contrary to political fear-mongering, research of 480,000 Americans shows that the use of psychedelics reduces crime.

Psychedelics Reduce Crime

Former NBA commissioner David Stern has made a complete 180 on his views on cannabis use in the league. He now thinks weed should not be a banned substance.

David Stern, Commissioner of the NBA speaks at a press conference

Pushing dangerously addictive substances on populations they wanted to control seems to have been a hallmark of the British Empire.

19th century, European colonizer carried in a hammock by four African porters,. This is the History of Africa, Colonialism,

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