R.R. Noall

A teaching job brought me to Denver, and I somehow ended up working in the hemp business (crazy, right?). I am currently pursuing a career as a writer while working in marketing! Loving life at a mile high :)


Why might extending hours at Denver dispensaries be beneficial? You mean, other than adding to the over $100 million dollars in tax revenue for 2016?

If you’re from Colorado, we guarantee that you can check off a number of things on this list. If you aren’t from Colorado, we dare you to start.


You don’t have to cross the pond to enjoy the overseas clubs – instead, just head to Colorado, where cannabis clubs were just approved by the state senate.


Lucky for you, we keep the tunes spinning to give you more songs to enhance your high. Presenting, 11 songs you should smoke weed to.

keeping your dab nail clean is beyond important if you want a quality hit. Here’s how to clean a titanium dab nail so that you can dab on.

dab nail

Shake means multiple things to the cannabis community. We’re here to help you get it straight. First, what is shake? Second, how can you use it?


Quite recently, wax made a splash in the cannabis community. Questions surrounding wax arose in the cannabis community: Is it safe? Just… how?


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