Rob Hoffman

Rob Hoffman is a health and drug policy reporter at Herb. His work has also appeared in Politico, ThinkProgress, and Fusion.

The country has medical marijuana but it’s extremely difficult to access.

Australian political party suggests legalizing weed, but government shuts them down

Fans can get discounts and Lights-branded herb.

The Las Vegas Lights Become The First Sports Team To Partner With A Dispensary

Almost all Americans want prohibition to end. So why hasn’t it?

The 4 Biggest Barriers To Marijuana Legalization: The Harvard Political Review

Some of the highest quality cannabis in the world can be found growing in the small town of Toribío, Colombia.

Some physicians claim that medical cannabis can help to restore your natural sleep cycle. But some cannabinoids might be more helpful than others.

cannabis as a sleeping aid

PharmaCielo is paving the way for cannabis cultivation in Colombia. They are helping rural farming communities previously under the thumb of the exploitative guerrilla groups get into growing medical cannabis.

Colombia may soon become a world supplier of medical marijuana

They want to encourage cannabis research around the world.

The American Chemical Society Awards Cannabis Scholarships

A look at the research.

Can cannabis help heal your bones?

Despite legalization, it remains extremely difficult to access medical cannabis in Australia.

Prominent Cannabis Grower Tony Bower Is Arrested For Gifting Cannabis Oil To Patients

They don’t want the government telling them how to legalize.

Indigenous communities want to introduce independent marijuana shops

A marijuana research proposal in Governor Andrew Cuomo’s January 2018 budget proposal was shut down by the Republican-controlled Senate.

Children suffering rare forms of epilepsy are having their lives changed by incorporating medical marijuana into their treatment.

Private marijuana testing labs are approving contaminated weed for profit.

A Scottish doctor fights to make it a reality.

Why prison inmates should be given marijuana

A number of states list neuropathic pain as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana.

Study Finds "No Good Evidence" To Support Cannabis For Neuropathic Pain

Hemp is still federally classified as a drug because it comes from the cannabis plant.

The Bill To Legalize Industrial Hemp Gains Traction In The House

The bill would allow students, ranging from those in kindergarten to 12th grade to consume non-smokable medical marijuana on school property.

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