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Rob Hoffman is a health and drug policy reporter at Herb. His work has also appeared in Politico, ThinkProgress, and Fusion.

Finally, those convicted of marijuana misdemeanors will be granted equal employment and housing opportunities.

According to a report by Amanda Chicago Lewis, the government stands to make 5 billion dollars in the next ten years by keeping weed illegal.

The recent announcement of staggering death tolls of murders perpetrated by the Philippine National Police signals that Duterte’s war on drugs is far from over.

Philippine national police resume war on drugs and killing drug users

The feds seize money from people who have never been charged with a crime and then use it to crack down on the cannabis industry.


Prohibitionists continue to oppose marijuana by saying that there isn’t enough science on it, but getting the science is nearly impossible.

Republican research

“It’s time for Big Pharma to pay for what they’ve done,” said New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Opioid Epidemic Plagues Section Of Bronx Neighborhood

Homicides directly tied to drug trafficking were reduced by 41 percent.

Legal marijuana cuts violent crime in states that border Mexico

These jobs would include everything from budtenders to growers, chemists and more.


Every other bill has been pushed through by voters at the polls.

At Eisenhower Elementary School in Green Bay, Wisconsin parents are up in arms after second graders ate edibles on the playground.

Say goodbye to negative side effects. Say hello to the perfect strain for you, according to genetics.

The state’s billion-dollar recreational market opened on January 1.

With the growing legalization of marijuana, many communities are resisting dispensaries in their neighborhoods. A new study finds their attention should be elsewhere.


The 420 Games is proving that stoners are a lot more than couch-locked.

The packages were intended for a PO box in the Parcel Plus store next door.

Travelers have gotten years in prison for crumbs of marijuana at the bottom of their luggage or stuck to their clothing.

marijuana laws

Now, you can have pancakes cooked in freshly infused canna-oil within minutes.

Cannabutter LEVO Weed-Infuser

Cannabis could hurt the planet if cultivation practices don’t change. One husband and wife are leading the charge.

Pot Zero

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