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Rob Hoffman is a health and drug policy reporter at Herb. His work has also appeared in Politico, ThinkProgress, and Fusion.

After the media caught wind of the poll, it suspiciously disappeared from the group’s website.

Pro-Trump Group, America First Policies, Finds Most Voters Don't Support The President's Anti-Pot Plans

The Sensible Enforcement of Cannabis Act would ensure that states’ marijuana laws are respected.

Sensible Enforcement Of Cannabis Act

Senator Kristen Gillibrand publicly stated that pharmaceutical companies are only opposing medical marijuana for fear of competition.

Finally, a testing system that distinguishes between consumption and impairment.

AlertMeter Is A Drug Test That Will Prevent People From Being Unfairly Fired

Between 2015 and 2016, Maine experienced a 35.4 percent increase in its drug overdose death rate, exceeding the number of yearly deaths from car accidents.

The First Cannabis and Kratom-Based Opioid Recovery House Opens In Maine

By January 15th, 15 companies had been awarded 10% of all licenses in the state.

99% Of California's Growers Are Still Unlicensed As Corporate Cannabis Takes Over

Currently, when NFL players injure themselves, they’re met with two options: power through it and stay on the field, or recover and risk slipping into obscurity.

Hawaiian State Senators Pressure The NFL To Allow Players To Use CBD

Representative Pete Sessions has control over what bills make it to the floor of the House for a vote.

Rep. Pete Sessions Is The Reason Marijuana Bills Haven't Progressed For Two Years

Canada postponed weed legalization and now Justin Trudeau can’t sit with us at lunch.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau speaks at the Royal York Hotel about "Liberty in a culturally diverse society." while addressing the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada

The family has moved to the Netherlands to become medical marijuana refugees.

The UK Denies A 6-Year-Old With Epilepsy Cannabis For His Seizures

There’s been a search in MMJ license applications since pot became legal in January.

Californians Are Using Medical Marijuana Cards To Get A Discount On Recreational Weed

The consumption of K2 and Spice are drawing major public health concerns.

Synthetic Marijuana, Or K2, Use On The Rise In New York City

Advocates were hopeful it’d be a way around restrictions on growing marijuana for science in the U.S.

President Trump research

In order to be a true master at rolling joints, you have to know how to roll a joint filter.

A man learns how to roll a joint filter with our guide

This is the most detailed examination of medical marijuana and opioid deaths conducted to date.

study finds weed reduces opioid overdose deaths

Finally, those convicted of marijuana misdemeanors will be granted equal employment and housing opportunities.

According to a report by Amanda Chicago Lewis, the government stands to make 5 billion dollars in the next ten years by keeping weed illegal.

The recent announcement of staggering death tolls of murders perpetrated by the Philippine National Police signals that Duterte’s war on drugs is far from over.

Philippine national police resume war on drugs and killing drug users

The feds seize money from people who have never been charged with a crime and then use it to crack down on the cannabis industry.


Prohibitionists continue to oppose marijuana by saying that there isn’t enough science on it, but getting the science is nearly impossible.

Republican research

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