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Rob Hoffman is a health and drug policy reporter at Herb. His work has also appeared in Politico, ThinkProgress, and Fusion.

Due to a legal grey-zone that exists between state and federal law, lawyers representing cannabis businesses now fear that they will be charged.

Cannabis lawyers enter a legal grey zone between state and federal law

Former Toronto Police Chief Julian Fantino once compared the legalization of marijuana to the legalization of murder.

Julian Fantino with a lot of mics held up to his face

Cannabis saved these veterans’ lives. Now, they’re paying it forward.

Veteran reaching for donuts

Menstrual cramps affect half the human population, yet there’s a surprising lack of products available to effectively alleviate this reoccurring pain.

CBD pills. underwear on the ground with a pad on it

The United Nations believes that 25% of the world’s cannabis supply—10,500 metric tons—comes from Africa. Much of this comes from the Congo.

Marijuana is a new cash crop in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Typically, marijuana use is a violation of probation in Florida that could result in fines or extra jail time. This controversial court case suggests that may be changing.

Tattooed Hand of schizophrenic murderer Holding Marijuana At Home

His supporters also held a cannabis “tea party” outside the Parliament complete with infused scones.

Paul Flynn speaking

Whether you are trying to avoid the wrath of your landlord, hotel smoking regulations or your parents’ disapproval this is how to smoke weed inside without getting caught.

Young asian man smoking next to a window

According to a new survey, Americans think cellphones are a greater threat to public safety than dank nugs.

For anyone with a fear of public speaking who lives in a state or country with legal cannabis, these findings are potentially game-changing.

Fear of public speaking

The findings suggest that marijuana users weren’t as likely to suffer from atrial fibrillation, a condition marked by an irregular heartbeat that can cause strokes, heart failure and blood clots.

Man having a heart attack in the back of an ambulance

CBD is the new productivity hack sweeping offices across the globe.

CBD and productivity

Former Republican Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is just the latest political figure to call Attorney General Jeff Sessions out on his war on marijuana.

General Alberto Gonzales calls out jeff sessions for marijuana stance

New data from a UK regulatory body shows that there are currently 250,000 users of cannabis oil in the UK, twice the amount as last year.

a user of cannabis oil in the UK

As marijuana continues to be legalized in the U.S, we can expect higher quality brands like Budweiser to tailor weed to our more refined tastes

Man drinking a can of budwieser while girl smokes joint of weed

Russ Hudson is living every stoner’s dream.

Black and white portrait of Russ Hudson smoking a joint

Tony Greenhand is getting rich rolling the world’s most intricate joints.

The University of Denver is now offering a full economics course on “The Business of Marijuana”, where students will learn to legally deal weed.

Marijuana Mermaid proves that you can’t overdose on weed by ripping 100 consecutive bong hits. She is now truly a certified legend.

marijuana mermaid takes 100 bong hits

Time for cannabis craftsmen to trade shovels for pencils. These positions also offer six-figure salaries, usually around the $200,000 per year mark, or higher.

An employee displays a tray of medical marijuana plant cuttings drying

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