Rob Hoffman

Rob Hoffman is a health and drug policy reporter at Herb. His work has also appeared in Politico, ThinkProgress, and Fusion.

The new frontier of medical marijuana is here…and it’s not pretty.

How do you change a Republican’s mind on weed legalization? You start by slipping them campaign dollars.

Republicans are suddenly changing their mind on weed legalization as industry donations soar

These cannabis strains are certified by rap legends like Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, and Action Bronson

Snoop Dogg And Wiz Khalifa In Concert smoking weed

Who would you invite over if Amazon accidentally sent a shipping container of weed to your house?

Senior couple smoking hookah pipe to smoke weed

If only all religious figures followed the lead of the Sisters of The Valley, maybe we would finally find peace on earth.

Nun smoking weed

Cannabis-infused milkshakes known as Bhang Lassi and a massive technicolored powder war make the celebration of Holi the ultimate weed vacation.

Holi Festival Celebrations where people sing bhajans of Radha and Lord Krishna on in Mathura, India

Parents who use medicinal marijuana are being held to a different standard than parents who use pharmaceutical drugs.

Child Protection Services Medical Marijuana

If this sounds like the sort of plan that was brainstormed by a group of high cannabis-entrepreneurs, that’s because it was.

space weed astronaut herben planet thin mint girl scout cookies level up

Lucky’s Market is not just a grocery store, they’re pioneers in the medical marijuana movement.

There are fewer people dying of overdoses in Portugal than ever. #someonetellsessions.

Portugal legalized all drugs. Is it working?

Why look for some Elon Musk technological breakthrough when the simple answer, hempcrete, may be sitting right in front of our eyes?

grandma makes house out of hemp

Cedric Richmond, Chair of The Black Caucus believes Jeff Sessions “second failed war on drugs will wreck the black community”.

letter trump black caucus president racism

Weed prices vary from country to country. Here is a handy pocket-guide so you don’t get ripped off on your next vacation.

marijuana buy 10 dollars where to

Fighting dementia is just another reason why you should spark up a fat joint with your grandma.

Should those prosecuted under draconian and racist marijuana laws be entitled to reparations?

With virtually no research into the effects of medical marijuana on animals, some pet owners have decided to take research into their own hands.

Treat Pets with cannabis edible weed marijuana herb cat dog

Essential in the spread of LSD, this mansion was the epicenter of the psychedelic 60s hosting Alan Watts, Allen Ginsberg, Charles Mingus, Tim Leary and more.

When Bruce Linton started Canopy Growth Corp a few years ago he “knew nothing about growing pot”. Today, he runs the largest grow-op on the face of the planet.

tweed largest weed factory

Off the windswept shores of Scotland’s north-west coast, a weed-growers paradise wades in the cobalt sea.

Scottish Island Marijuana Growers Paradise

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