Rob Hoffman

Rob Hoffman is a health and drug policy reporter at Herb. His work has also appeared in Politico, ThinkProgress, and Fusion.

Off the windswept shores of Scotland’s north-west coast, a weed-growers paradise wades in the cobalt sea.

Scottish Island Marijuana Growers Paradise

When Insys Therapeutics realized their new cancer pain medication, Subsys, wasn’t as profitable as expected, they artificially expanded their customer base.

Fentanyl Pharmaceutical Company

Yale University is giving you another reason to get a little trippy; psychedelics make humans more environmentally conscious.

Psychedelics environmentally concious

Two dispensaries in Seattle are flipping the lazy marijuana-users’ stereotype on its head. By sitting on your couch and blowing milky-tokes, you can now help to solve Seattle’s homelessness problem.

Joints Homeless Tiny House

Weed vacations give travelers a window into a better future; one where you can sit with your friends in a weed lounge taking deep pulls from a fat blunt.

American Weed Vacations

Banks shutting the weed industry out bank accounts and loans are creating an extremely dangerous environment for businesses, employees, and consumers.

Marijuana Growers and Dispensaries Denied Bank Accounts

Taylor Camp was a ruleless tropical utopia, with no government, television or politics. Most people didn’t even wear clothes.

Instead of giving citizens legal public spaces to smoke, politicians in the UK are getting recreational and medical marijuana users evicted.

cannabis users evicted from homes

Even though legalization is sweeping the country, more Americans than ever are being indicted for marijuana possession.

Nicole Gordon’s psychedelic art is as close as you can get to lucid dreaming while awake.

While the image of a child getting high might be initially jarring, high-CBD cannabis oil is helping people with epilepsy take their lives back.

11-year-old with epilepsy cannabis oil

Complete with jacuzzi style tubs, rustic fireplaces, bongs of all shapes and sizes, Joel Schneider’s Bud and Breakfast is a million dollar business. 

Bud and Breakfast Millionaire

Thanks to new regulations and paramilitary-style raids, California’s marijuana growers are abandoning the land that made them.

The House of Eternal Return is either the first or last place you would want to be on drugs.

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