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Rob Hoffman is a health and drug policy reporter at Herb. His work has also appeared in Politico, ThinkProgress, and Fusion.

Legalization has become official in Canada, but what will happen to those who have been previously charged with cannabis possession?

What Happens To Cannabis Offenders After Legalization?

If you want to bask in the glory of legal cannabis, then you will have to know Canadian cannabis laws.

These Are The Weed Laws in Canada

Further, police in Michigan promoted an organization making blatantly unverifiable claims about cannabis and calling them “facts.”

Police in Michigan are being accused of censoring pro-cannabis Facebook comments ahead of the legalization vote.

The cannabis industry is slated for massive growth—and it’s bringing other markets along for the ride.

Makeup is one of the major industries being disrupted by cannabis. CBD mascaras and a brow gel are now available at Sephoras

From famous musicians to a former president, here are the best quotes on why weed is better than alcohol.

Actor and comedian, Nick Offerman, is vocal in his beliefs that weed is is better than alcohol.

“Problematic cannabis use” was not shown to increase in tandem with legalized cannabis laws—although “problematic” is never fully defined.

A woman smokes with her eyes closed. A woman smokes while sitting down. A new study cites that problematic behavior was not shown to increase in tandem with legalized cannabis laws.

“Cannabis has helped many others with cancer. I’m willing to put faith in it too,” Kerri Parker said.

Ex-Playboy Bunny Kerri Parker opens up about her choice to use cannabis during her recovery from brain cancer.

Their plan to steal weed included smashing in the windows of the dispensary and then speeding away in a car outside.

Native Roots Dispensary worker. A group of teens' recent plan to steal weed from a dispensary went terribly wrong.

According to recent government data, baby boomers smoke weed more than teenagers now. This represents a major shift over the last decade.

For The First Time, Baby Boomers Smoke Weed More Than Their Kids. Here, a man is shown rolling a joint

Teen cannabis users aren’t just smoking.

The most popular way teen cannabis users get high is still smoking. Here, a man is shown lighting a joint

The bill would have allowed parents to bring their children medical cannabis at school.

. HCalifornia Gov. Rejects Bill Allowing Medical Cannabis At School. Here, Governor Jerry Brown is shown at an event in San Leandro, California

The DOPE Magazine acquisition is part of a series of purchases by High Times.

High Times Buys DOPE Magazine For More Than $11 million

What do weed and wine have in common? Apparently, prestige can be based on where you grow.

Weed and wine, what could they have in common? Apparently, prestige based on growing region.

Canada is legalizing recreational cannabis for adult use on October 17, so now would be the time to take a college course on cannabis.

Students gather around a computer in a library. Canada is legalizing recreational cannabis for adult use on October 17, so now would be the time to take a college course on cannabis.

Dosist resolves a problem Canada has completely failed to address: how patients can regulate their intake.

dosist dose control pens at a recent pop up event in Toronto, Canada

On October 17, history will be made when the first major developed country in the world ends cannabis prohibition. Here’s what you need to know about how and where to buy legal weed in Canada on that momentous occasion.

Wondering where to buy legal weed in Canada on Oct. 17? Check out Herb's comprehensive guide. In this photo, a man is shown smoking a joint.

Only one farm has been licensed to grow cannabis for research in the U.S. for decades. A solution? Allow other countries to send their cannabis to scientists.

Tilray employees inspecting cannabis plants at the Tilray Facility. Tilray received approval from the DEA to send cannabis for research to the U.S.

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