Rob Hoffman

Rob Hoffman is a health and drug policy reporter at Herb. His work has also appeared in Politico, ThinkProgress, and Fusion.

The majority of physicians in the U.S. feel completely unprepared to talk marijuana with their patients.

Most Physicians Don't Know About Cannabis And Medical Schools Are To Blame

The products are being marketed at Lidl as a more ‘relaxing’ alternative to tobacco.

Swiss Supermarket Lidl Sells Rolling CBD Next To Tobacco To Help People Quit Cigarettes

Despite research showing otherwise, Dr. Nora Volkow still believes legalization increases harmful teen use.

The Director Of The National Institute on Drug Abuse Claims Weed 'Dumbs You Down'

The research on cannabis for opioid use disorder is growing rapidly.

Yet another study suggests that cannabis could help solve the opioid crisis

Patient stories are driving progress, even if there’s little research to back them.

Compassion Is Driving Cannabis Reform. Is That A Good Thing?

Most med schools still don’t teach physicians about medical marijuana.

Most Oncologists Recommend Medical Marijuana Even Though They Don't Know About It: A Study

It’s putting money behind candidates for governor, Congress, and state legislatures.

The rally was a part of the global “Marijuana March,” with similar events taking place around the world.

100,000+ Colombians Participated In The Global Marijuana March To Call For Cannabis Reform

They’re not subject to the same regulations as the rest of the U.S.

How Legal Weed Could Save American Indian Communities

It kept him calm during a heart attack.

Kevin Smith's Doctor Told Him Smoking Weed Saved His Life

The study aimed to find out if the disproportionate effect of “The War on Drugs,” influenced Americans’ beliefs and opinions on cannabis legalization.

Study finds that have different reasons for wanting marijuana legalization

According to a report by The Intercept, the rise of marijuana arrests in many states has been dramatic.

Marijuana arrests increased since 2014

It’s the largest private donation ever given to cannabis research in the U.S.

University of California, San Diego Just Got $4.7 Million To Research CBD For Autism

Researchers from Washington State University took a step closer to proving that cannabis could be an effective treatment for depression and anxiety.

Marijuana-related ER visits among teens have been growing since legalization.

Study finds that teen emergency room visits have increased since marijuana legalization

Adults, 50 and older, have seen the greatest increase in marijuana use in recent decades.

Older Americans Are 20x More Likely To Be Getting High Than They Were Thirty Years Ago

A growing number of adolescents are switching from cigarettes to e-cigs.

Teens Who Use E-Cigarettes Are More Likely To Smoke Marijuana: A Study

He spent 10 days behind bars until his doctor could prove he’s a patient.

Pennsylvania marijuana patient jailed for legally using marijuana

Currently, patients can only use marijuana in pill, oil, topical, tincture, or liquid form.

Pennsylvania approves the sale of flower for their medical program

The Attorney General has been stubbornly standing in the way of progress.

Jeff Sessions signals that he'll finally allow marijuana research to move forward

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