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Eccentric absurdist is probably the best way I can describe me! Born to travel, adventure and entertain the curiosities of life. I'm deeply connected with music, literature and the arts and I look to them in search of inspiration. Number one person on my Wishlist to smoke a joint with: Joe Rogan!

The rumor mill is buzzing with the news that world class pop star, Rihanna, might be launching her own line of marijuana, called MaRihanna.

Rihanna launches MaRihanna brand

A sobriety test might seem like a load of easy tasks, but could you actually pass the sobriety test while high?

pass a sobriety test while high

New Jersey governor Chris Christie has signed a bill allowing the use of medical cannabis in schools.

School allows medical marijuana

Medical marijuana approved for veterans – a change gives veterans back their basic human right to consume marijuana for medicine.

Medical Marijuana Approved for Veterans

A petition to sack DEA chief, Chuck Rosenburg, after he called medical marijuana a ‘joke’ has been launched and is getting serious attention.

Petition for DEA chief to be sacked

From marijuana wax to cannabis chicken curry the range of products is endless, and the new player to the legal market is liquid pot.

The latest DEA cannabis report has been released, and it contains a number of interesting facts about cannabis you need to know.

Earlier this week, the judges of the Supreme Court of Mexico ruled that cannabis use and cannabis cultivation is a human right.

Mexico decriminalize marijuana

The 2015 National Drug Threat Assessment Summary was released just last month and apparently the US police don’t actually believe weed is a problem.

Marijuana has been around for over four thousand years and now there a lot of strains with a lot of crazy names. So what was the original strain of weed?

Uruguay is awesome for more than just its beautiful beaches and cultural cities. Now they have one more reason why legalization in Uruguay is awesome.

Uruguay marijuana legalization

Okay, so you’re home with a bag of weed, but you don’t have a smoking piece. Well, luckily there are many ways to make homemade bongs and pipes.

Most of us thought the absurd anti-marijuana campaigns were a thing of the past, but apparently not…

anti-marijuana campaigns lab rat

Spice has apparently become an epidemic in Anchorage Alaska, and there is a citizen offering to swap Spice for real marijuana.

Spice is dangerous

There is a pizza joint in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, selling happiness to their customers in the form of a happy herb pizzas.

Happy Herb Pizzas

The new Chief of the DEA, Chuck Rosenberg, said on Wednesday that medical marijuana is a “joke”. He says there’s no reason to call ‘medical’, because it´s not.

We have compiled some hilarious reading material for you! Check out these 13 hilarious tweets about weed.

Tweets about weed

Sanders has continued to show undying support for this cause. Through both his words and his actions, Bernie Sanders has marked history for prohibition.

Although many people lump all stoners into a single category, all smokers out there know that this isn’t true. What type of stoner are you?

what type of stoner are you

The federal government gives free joints for life to a few lucky people since 1978. In fact, there are some receiving up to 300 joints a month.

Government Gives Free Joint For Life

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