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Eccentric absurdist is probably the best way I can describe me! Born to travel, adventure and entertain the curiosities of life. I'm deeply connected with music, literature and the arts and I look to them in search of inspiration. Number one person on my Wishlist to smoke a joint with: Joe Rogan!

A mother in Cleveland, Ohio, has just lost custody of her newborn baby after drinking a marijuana tea during her pregnancy as an alternative to chemical pain medication.

In the DEA’s latest massive raid on the Menominee Indian tribe of Wisconsin, they destroyed 30,000 marijuana plants, infuriating and confusing tribal leaders.

DEA destroys 30,000 plants

Have you ever smoked joint after joint and wondered if you can get any higher? Or eaten some edibles, sat on the couch and wondered “Will I get Higher?”

Is there a point where you can't get higher?

You have been throwing away perfectly intoxicating THC if you are throwing out your already vaped buds! Find out what you can with vaped weed, rather than throw it out.

What can I do with my vaped weed?

Ronda Rousey kicks ass in this video with the perfect analogy for Nick Diaz´s 5-year marijuana suspension.

Ronda Rousey Gives The Greatest Analogy of Nick Diaz's 5-Year Marijuana Suspension

These 5 great resources for growing marijuana should at the very least get you started with what you need to begin growing

Marijuana growing resources

More and more people are making the move from prescription pills to marijuana. Here are five example that show just how versatile marijuana can be.

marijuanan could replace replace prescription pills

The federal government has announced that due to a reform in drug policy, over 6,000 people will be released from federal prison.

Released from Federal Prison

Everyone dreams of having some Purple Haze in their hand, or some Pineapple Express – but does do you know where all these crazy strain names come from?

Where do those crazy strain names come from?

The war on drugs has been a disaster. The amount of money that has been spent on a war that has caused more poverty than less is appalling.

The war on drugs

After Bernie Sanders admitted he would vote yes to marijuana at last Tuesday’s democratic presidential debate, advocates expect big things for the marijuana industry.

Bernie sanders legalize marijuana

Have you ever wondered what are percolators, and how they can help? Keep reading to find out exactly what they do.


Unsurprisingly, the new Gallup Poll shows that the majority of Americans want legal weed… again…. for the THIRD consecutive year.

Gallup poll supports marijuana legalization

Are you lucky enough to be in one of the states next to legalize marijuana? Unless you live in the south, recreational weed is coming to a state near you.

Next states to legalize marijuana

Does Seth Rogan, who plays Steve Wozniak in the new Steve Jobs movie get high on the job? He seems to get high mostly all of the other time.

Seth Rogan plays Steve Wozniak high

The Electronic Sports League is the first pro gaming league to announce that its gamers will be tested for cannabis.

Weed and gaming

The UN wants all drugs decriminalized and is asking governments all around the world to follow suit, according to Sir Richard Branson.

The UN wants to decriminalize all drugs

There are some weed smokers out there who are wondering how to address their coughing situation, how to cough less when smoking weed.

How to cough less when smoking weed

Bernie Sanders and Hillary discussed marijuana legalisation and they agree that it’s time that the war on drugs was over.

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton discuss marijuana legalization

An elderly couple in Brooksville, Florida have been arrested for growing weed in their home by police.

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